Pattern mcfly foam or egg yarn.


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i am wondering if anyone out there has a preference to egg yarn or mcfly foam on an egg fly. is there any diff. in catching ability, tying ability ,or holding scent applied to the fly? the foam is more expensive but is easier to tie with and much easier to cut. i do not put any weight on my egg flies because i think it slows the movement of the fly. mike w
Here is cheap and easy sub for Mcfly Foam - same stuff.
Take a few spools of Uni-stretch in the colors that you want. Say you want an egg that is orange, pink, red and chartreuse all in the same egg. Take the stretch off the spool and wrap it around 4 fingers, wrap all the colors at once or if you want more of one color, use more spools. After wrapping 6 to 10 times around your fingers, cut the stretch. Comb these strands a bit then tie onto the hook, clip and notice...gee looks like the same stuff. For sparkle eggs, I wrap fine pearl mylar tinsel with the stretch. When you cut the stretch the mylar stays longer and the stretch recoils. Hense you have sparkle eggs with longer pearl legs. have fun and experiment with colors.


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When I was tying commercially I used to use McFly for eggs and woolhead sculpin on special orders . You use enough of it and the stuff wears on your hands... Other than cost, that becomes an issue if you do enough of them. Pull straight up HARD on the yarn after tying securely on the hook shank, and cut straight across with a one sided razor. makes a perfect round egg and there's no faster way...

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