Lake Lenice.....


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Does anyone know a good map or valid directions to Lake Lenise? A friend of mine, fly fishing icon, told me that the browns in this lake are gigantic. Any info would be great......Fish On!!!


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Lake Lenise.....

Driving east on I-90, turn right (south) immediately after crossing the Columbia at Vantage. Continue downstream along the river past Wanapum Dam, turn right (east) on Beverly-Crab Creek Road. Lenice is part of a chain of lakes. Nunnally, Bobby (actually just a small arm of Nunnally separated from it by a shallow channel), Merry, and Lenice. Lenice is the easternmost. Just stay on the Beverly-Crab Creek Road until you see a large, gravelled parking lot on the left (north) side of the road.

From the parking lot it's about a quarter-mile hike north to the lake. There are a few areas around the lake that can be waded, but you'll have to have a float tube or similar that you can carry in to really be able to cover it. Expect to find rainbows (including triploids) browns, tiger trout and, unfortunately, a burgeoning population of sunfish. I've caught a few browns there but most of the larger fish I've caught have been rainbows.

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Lake Lenise.....

Wyoforlife said:
. . . A friend of mine, fly fishing icon, told me that the browns in this lake are gigantic.
Not sure exactly what your friend considers gigantic, but while there are some browns in the Nunnally-Lenice chain, none that I've caught or seen are particularly huge. As Preston points out, the larger fish usually seem to be rainbows. Here's a shot of a 16-17" Lenice brown that fell for a scud cast right up to the reed line one late afternoon a couple years back.

Lake Lenise.....

A buddy and I fished Lenice on Thursday started fishing about 12:30. Tried various chronomids and nada… Saw calibaetis hatches, damsels and small midges. My buddy was pulling a brown bugger and he caught 5 all bows nothing smaller then 18”. I pulled a big conehead bunny I tied up and caught some big bows as well. Also, used a calibaeits nymph and that also produced. If you don’t have any try a hares ear.

No Browns to hand all bows.

Hope this helps Good luck!


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Lake Lenise.....

Don't know about Lenice, but we hit bows at Nunnally and one smaller brown, 15-16", although they do get much bigger. Same bugs as spanishfly. Did have two takes on chronies, none to the boat.


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Lake Lenice....

Ok, heres the dirt...

Fished Lenice last week and the wind was blowing a solid mach 2. The water was choppy and the fishing was bunk. Oh well, try again soon. Funny story came from this trip, as many do, but this one was particularly humorous. The guy who accompanied me on this particular outing had never been in a belly boat but somehow tracked one down the night before we headed out. So we get to the lake and walk in, gear up, put in and start casting. No more than 15 minutes after, my friend yells at me from 20 yards away, "I think I'm taking on water". At this point I know hes screwed but the look on his face and the fever with which he paddled to shore was one of the funniest moments ive ever had on a belly boat. He gets to shore and I am not long to follow. As soon as he stands up I see that his vest is 75% soaked and he doesnt look very happy. Turns out he didnt have a wading belt on and he forgot to tighten his seat strap. He then proceeds to take off his waders and pour out a good 5 gallons of water. The poor guy was soaked to the bone and I knew that he wouldnt be going out in that wind again. Funny??

I also want to pose a question in regards to Fly fishing manners and space. Do we fish to get away from people and enjoy the solice of nature?

Turns out one guy doesnt think so. Same trip as above, a guy proceeds to walk in between my friend and I, take a knee no more than 5 yds from us, assemble a hacksaw and proceeds to cut branches off of the tree we are standing under. I couldnt believe this guy had the nerve to basically invade my personal bubble when there are no other humans within 10 miles. What is the deal here?

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Biggest browns I have seen in the area are in Nunnally. West end of the lake there is a deep "pool" in front of the house, an extension of the rock cliff. You will understand if you are there. It is 30' or so there. The browns like to lay in the deep water during sun up. You can dredge them out. Not really fun fishing, but they are there. At night they come up and attack anything that moves in the shallows. My biggest is about 25", that over 40 years of fishing this lake. Have caught bigger 'bows by the way. :p

Earlier this year there was a Fed crew on the lake netting fish for research. Had an aluminum boat with 15 horse motor. I talked with them, and they reported an 8# brown netted in the west end. Was released, so go get 'em!

We are planning to go Sunday, but I am concerned with the wind forecast.



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I plan to be there on Sunday as well. I am not seeing anything on the winds though. Look like light winds today and Saturday (5-10 mph) and I see the low on Sunday will be below freezing.

No wind please....

dredging or chiro?
We were there last Saturday, and it was tough fishing. We tried pretty much everything, and the only success we had was with leeches trolled deep. We landed some big fish, but they were few and far between. I hope you have better luck.

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