saltwater coho?

I have found a lot of coho along a shorline in the southern
puget sound jumping all over the place.I lost one about 5 pounds yesterday and had a couple followers but have not figured out wich fly patterns work best the one i broke off was on a white and olive clouser minnow.Any information on what fly patterns to try would be much apreciated THANKS.
I made a trip to Neah Bay to bucktail for silvers this early August. It was wonderful fishing! Won't bother telling you how many fish we hooked,lets just say our arms were sore. The patterns we used were tyed on tubes. I like to use Yak hair, but the best is Polar Bear. It is most difficult to find Polar bear that is long enough. It has become very expensive too. At Neah Bay we found that our best color was white and a pale pink. In the past green has been good. Best of luck to you.


just experiment with patterns my best pattern is a size 2 green and white couser with few strands of pink flashabou that goes to the end of the fly.if you got one to hit your doing better than most people just experiment with baitfish patterns even ones people use for warm water fish