Please Help Save the Fishery!!

Chris Scoones

Staff member

I am writing this month to request a day of your time.
On Saturday, September 22nd, the WDFW Commission will
be sponsoring a symposium on the future management of
wild steelhead in Washington. This is being held to
gather information for the Commission as it takes on
the issue of statewide catch and release of all wild
steelhead. While much of the testimony will be
scientific, there will be opportunity for the public
to ask questions. It is very important that all of us
who support statewide C & R attend this event.

While opportunities for public testimony will be
limited, the fact that a large number of C & R
supporters make the effort to attend, will speak
volumes to the commission. Sportsmen's attendance and
participation at the symposium and the public
testimony sessions scheduled for early December could
well decide the outcome of statewide C & R and
possibly the future of wild steelhead in our state.

The Symposium will run from 7:30 am to 6:00 p.m. and
will be held in Room A of the Seattle Center Pavilion.
For your convenience, registration information is
included on the next page. It can also be found on the
web at

This is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.
Please make plans to attend and cast a vote with your
presence. Believe me, your vote will count. There are
already rumblings that the bonk and grill crowd will
be trying to flood the audience so it is imperative
that we show the Commission the majority of citizens
want Catch and Release.

Hatchery fish for the table, wild fish for the future!


Duggan Harman
Board President
Wild Steelhead Coalition
Web site: