First 2 weight rod?


Looking to build my first rod. 2 or 3 weight for the little guys - 8'ish or as long as possible.

Also don't want to spend alot of money, say $60 max for the entire project.

Is it doable? What would you buy? Rainshadow? Anybody have sales on blanks or kits right now? I have heard Greg's has good deals. Doesn't matter if it looks nice, just want a rod to mess around with. 2 peice is fine too.

Try I bought a 3wt blank for $15. Have built two other rods on his blanks and they have served me well. But you should be able to stay below the $60 mark. I bought all of the parts to finish it for about $55+/-, and that includes spending $25 on the reel seat. Also, I like J.Stockard ( for buying components online, they ship for cheap and have a good selection of cheaper components.
since you said, "or as long as possible" there is a 3wt blank out there I have been dying to try. It will cost you about $100, but it very interesting.

Dancraft produces a 10' 3wt. they also sell a 9' 2wt.

dancraftnet dot com


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Try Fisherman's outlet in Sequim. They sell the Rainshadow line as well as some other clearance blanks. Some of the "seconds" can be very inexpensive. On non-fishing days I like to go up there and just paw through the bins of blems. They get sold by the foot. You can also find just about everything else you need for rodbuilding as well (seats, grips, guides, etc.) at bargain prices. A 13 foot 8/9wt spey and a 5 foot 2wt and the lessons to build them cost me less that $350.
$60 is really pushing it. Maybe if you are just talking components period without glues, finish, tools, sack, or rod tube. If this is your first build, you'll need at least a wrapping jig.

Hook and hackle has a 9' 3 wt Rainshadow IM6 kit with everything you need with rod bag and tube for $140 less 20% off. This blank runs about $45 alone. These are some of the cheaper blanks you can find. This kit will have some extra thread, epoxy, and finish.

Economy rod wrappers run $30-40. You could make your own for maybe $20 if you had some woodworking tools. Finishing motors run $60-70 at least, but aren't necessary.

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I would suggest that wrapping jigs, while nice, aren't necessary either. I did a couple rods with a cardboard box with the sides cut out and one of my fly tying bobbins. I just poked a hole in the box and stuck the nose of the bobbin through and it worked. I know others have even used a box coffee cup or a book to provide tension on the thread. Now that I am more proficient and have a jig, I still don't use it, I just hold the rod in my hands and spin.
I just wrap all my rods on my lap. I've never found a box or anything very helpful. I run my thread through a book. The only thing you really need for wrapping is a sharp razor blade.

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