Hey Darren,
Fished a L.W. Purple Peril just under surface with no reation. As I was changing to a Waller Waker a friend of mine arrived and swung a wet fly through the very spot I was standing and hooked into a beautiful hatchery hen in the 7-8 lbs range.(I got a few small splashes at my W.W.)
There are Sea-run Cutthroat in there so there are Salmon present.The shallow location of my friends Steelhead also suggests that there are larger and more dominant fish holding in the deeper water. What species they are, I've yet to determine.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND............ the Pacific Salmon season on the Auburn-Black Diamond to Headworks part of the Green doesn't open 'till November and even then it's all catch and release excepting Chum. There are no Salmon hatcheries above Soos creek(as far as I know) so you'll be targeting wild fish.
For the time being, I'd suggest trying for Steelhead with greased line and surface tactics while keeping in mind that Atlantic Salmon may be present and because they're responsible for much of our Steelheading heritage, they'll centainly respond to a fly intended for another.
Atlantic Salmon are not supposed to be there so if you are able to hook a dozen fish in a day you'll be expected to keep that dozen.
Anyway, I'll be there a part of Saturday and most of Sunday (depending on my wifes sense of humor:7 ) The water is up, slightly discolored, and begging to be fished......... get out there!!!!
Take care,
Larry - Thanks for the information. I have just informed my significant other that I'll be fishing Sunday. She's thrilled.
I am up to date with the regs...read over them again today just to be sure. The "tactics" you discussed, are they applicable to the Flaming Geyser area that you have mentioned in your other posts?
I fished this Sunday at the lower end (1st ave - 188th) for the salmon with spinning gear. Lots of people, not many fish.

As I'm still learning the fine art of fly-fishing...can you explain the "greased line". Larry, thanks for the help and great info.


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