Washington Fishing Steelhead and Salmon Timing Book

So I finally finished my book on the timing of Washington's Steelhead and Salmon Statewide in Rivers and Salt. There are sample pages on the link. It is available in paper version and downloadable. Take a look.

Washington Salmon and Steelhead timing in the Saltwater Areas and Rivers Statewide Book

Small Sample:
Washington Salmon and Steelhead timing in the Saltwater Areas and Rivers Statewide

You may be sitting in your living room thinking, it is late June and I want to catch a steelhead or salmon. Where should I go to give myself the best chance to get the strong pull of an anadromous fish? All you need to do is look up June in this calendar and figure out what your options might be. The goal of this calendar is to help expert and beginner fisherman know where to fish, when to fish, and what their odds are based on the numbers. The more information you have, the more informed your decision before putting unnecessary miles on your car. If the fish are not there, your chances of catching them is not great. The numbers and averages are based upon Washington Department of Fish and Game Catch Card numbers only. Catch and release fish are not counted. Each month breaks the numbers into the following categories: Chinook (Saltwater), Chum (Saltwater), Coho (Saltwater), Pink (Saltwater), Sockeye (Saltwater), Chinook (Rivers), Chum (Rivers), Coho (Rivers), Pink (Rivers), Sockeye (Rivers), and Summer and Winter run Steelhead (Rivers). Each category has a list of saltwater areas or rivers with the catch numbers from the last 5 years (2000 – 1996), the average catch numbers from multiple years, and peak months of each run of fish. For fisheries that are closed for a particular year, the number is 0. The 1996 Catch Report Card did not include salmon in the rivers that year.


·PEAK= Peak of the Run for Specific Species
·(#)= WDFW Catch Card Totals Per Year (2000/1999/1998/1997/1996)

Cutthroat Trout: Puget Sound and Hood Canal

Chinook (Saltwater):
Area 7: San Juan Islands PEAK
Area 8.1 Deception Pass/Hope Island PEAK
Area 8.2: Port Susan/Port Gardner PEAK
Area 9: Admiralty Inlet PEAK
Area 10: Seattle/Bremerton
Area 11: Tacoma/Vashon Island PEAK
Area 12: Hood Canal

Winter Steelhead:
Excellent Producers:
Bogachiel River
Chehalis River
Cowlitz River
Grande Ronde River PEAK
Hoh River PEAK
Kalama River (Below Hatchery Falls)
Lewis River-East Fork
Queets River PEAK
Quinault River-Lower
Skookumchuck River
Skykomish River
Sol Duc River PEAK
Touchet River PEAK
Walla Walla River
Wynoochee River PEAK
Last year the publisher of Evergreen Publishing was going to publish it but it fell through. I figured it was over since the top publishers looked at my name and since it was not a famous fly fisher, they passed. I knew that the only thing I wish I had when I started fishing for fish that required timing, this was it. Thanks to the internet, Lulu is publishing my book for online purchases. So I can print up some rough copies of the book for the shop, but the official nice copy has to be purchased online. I tried to keep it relatively cheap so there are limited pictures and just straight info/data for real fisherman who are not as interested in lots of pages with little info.

Anyway take a look. I think it has Jan, Feb, and some of March.
The info is by river not by month. It is not user friendly to compare multiple years and months to get your decision quickly. You could download all the years and break down the data, but it would take you as long as it did me, aka a long time.

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