To those who helped finding that spey fly (here's pic)

Jerry Daschofsky

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Well, as I said, he wanted me to tie him up some Glasso patterns, but one he wanted to fish were similar to the spawning spey. Well, this is what I've tied for him. Only thing he wants different is the orange mallard in front to purple. But he likes this one as well. Figured you'd all want to see.



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Nice work 69!

A real terrific looking "working" spey fly.

Thanks for posting the pic.

I know a lot of guys on this board are tying some cool flys, I wonder why more of them, including the materials list, are not being posted on the "Fly" page?

As soon as Chris gets the new site changes made, I will put some of my humble efforts in there, good for a laugh or two if nothing else.
Again, bodacious, beautiful fly. Per the other replies, I would appreciate getting your recipe. In the absence of that, however, what feather do you use for the Glasso-type wings?

Thanks, again, for the picture,



Jerry Daschofsky

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I could tell you guys the recipe..........

but then I'd have to kill you! :DEVIL

Yes, that's purple spey hackles palmered over purple marabou. Polar chenille (supposed to be actual seal). Here's tying instructions per friend.

tag:extra long silver tinsel
butt:red floss
hackle:purple spey feather
body:purple dubbing material (prefered seal, but anything shiny)
(three tufts of purple marabou tied in body before palmering spey hackle)
throat:eek:range mallard (can be purple as well)
wing:3-4 hot orange hackles
jungle cock eyes

I tied this so it was a bit more pleasant to look at. So initially used black thread, then, on last part of fly used red thread (he said it was tied with red thread) I put instruction in order I tied them on. For body, I tied in spey feather first, then made dubbing loop to add purple dubbing. I'm a good judge on distance, and since I had to learn to tie on my own, I just tied in marabou in three sections. Not sure how others do it, but works good for me. I wrapped dubbing on, tied off. Then palmered spey hackle onto body through marabou. Palmered perfectly. Rest is pretty self explanatory.

Bob Triggs

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My friend, that is one beautiful fly. Thanks so much for sharing the picture and the recipe.This is the best part of our game, the open sharing of ideas and experiences. That's the best way. If it weren't for the generosity of others I would have learned little in my fly fishing life.There are no real secrets, just secretive people. The real joy is in sharing and giving.My favorite quote:

"Into the hands of the giver the gift is given."