(NFR) Cruise Ship dumps Sewage into Puget Sound

They have done this for years. We were following one of them about 20 years ago in the inside passage when they dumped their sludge, tell you what, it wasn't a pretty picture. Since we were in Canadian waters at the time and the cruise ship in question was leaving a canadian port wasn't anything we could do. If you believe this we can catch some near record Browns in Pass or at least Cranberry.


and yes they do dump their toilets:(

Greg Armstrong

I agree, Lucid! I think one of the moderators marked my post "NFR". I did not originally post it that way myself. I understand why it was done, as it's not directly related to fishing as we practice it, but if people don't respect our resources and fragile environments in which fish live, there won't be any more fishing someday. This cruise ship outfit should be banned from operating in our waterways, regardless of how much revenue it generates to our regional economy. They're using public waterways owned and shared by all of us for their own personal and corporate gain, and don't have the right to treat our public waters this way. The $100k fine was insignificant relative to the damage that can occur by this ongoing practice. Those who disagree should read the former post here this past week that provides a link to a video of the aquatic death and damage being caused in Hood Canal by failing septic systems and other human caused runoff.
There's some really hard working groups that all of us can get involved with or provide needed funds to help their efforts. Pugetsound Alliance, Friends of Hood Canal, etc.
Regards, Greg
I'm in the CG, helos to be specific. And we fly alot on patrols looking for stuff just like this. And it's no surprise. Cruise ships are the dirtiest vessels on the ocean. Forget the delapadate Chinese fishing boats or big oil tankers. Cruise ships are the worst offenders hands down. If it's not sewage, it's oil from the engines or props, or just plain trash and garbage. It's unreal. All we can do is report them and take pics from the air. They pay their fines elsewhere. But it's more financially viable for them to dump and pay, than to take care of things properly.


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