Thankful and Happy Thanksgiving

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
So… Happy Thanksgiving to you all…!

I had a great weekend last weekend… my son (18) who has gone through several tough years, seems to have taken a positive change… and he actually asked me to take him hunting (rifle). So, I took him out of school last Friday and we were out until Sunday. We had a great time together the weather was beautiful on Friday and Saturday, we heard shots but didn’t see and deer either day. Then the weather took the wild change and it down poured and blew like mad… and we saw 5 does… but couldn’t grown any horns…

But to me it was one of the best 3 days with my son in many years… So I Am THANKFUL…!

I will be leaving on Thanksgiving Night for 3 days of Late Muzzleloader Elk Hunting in the Mossyrock area… good luck to you all…!

Good Luck and Cheers...! :beer2:

(aka Shawn -- the Proud Dad)


Trout have no politics
Great pics. Gettin youth into the outdoors is such a great thing. I am 20 and very greatful that I was raised in the outdoors. My step dad has always been there to bait my hooks, but now the tables have turned and I get the pleasure of doing all the labor and supplying all the gear, gas, and transportation.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Good on ya, WABowhunter, for sticking with your son and getting him outdoors where everything is simpler. Teenage years can be tough ones for kids- hope the bad times are behind him, and you. Amen to giving thanks for what we have.


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