Skagit minnow recipie with instructions

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hedburner said:
Looks like a lot of variation in this pattern so whatever I come up with should be good to fish. I'll try the articulation type and what Davy tied and go from there. I did spend hours last night looking for one no complete instructions but the ones Matt had posted I found, and I found a lot of places that were new to me.

Just for curiosity here, is Mike a great big dude with a beard who's always spey fishing up on the Skagit? I think I might have talked to him up at Swift creek a couple of years ago.

But again thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated.
That was probably him. I'd avoid him, as he's a great big jerk! ;) ;) ;) All he wants to do is fish for steel and help you out!

In all seriousness, definately a great guy, and definately a fun guy to fish with. If you ever get the dough together to hire him as a guide, do so.... Well worth the money, well worth the time.

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Hey, I'm new to all of this but I have a 1970 copy of "Pacific NW Fly Patterns" from Patricks fly shop- the "Skagit Minnow" recipe is as follows-
[#6-8 wet
Tip - Silver tinsel, narrow
Tail - Peacock soward, see note.
Body - Silver tinsel, medium
Shellcase - Peacock sword, 6-8 fibres
Head - Black chenille, small, 2 turns
Note: Wrap tip first, then bunch 8-10 peacock sword fibres over bend of hook for tail, tie off with tying silk. Make silver body, then arch rest of peacock sword over back of body. Tie off. 2 truns chenille at head then finish fly. When starting fly tie short piece of black silk at bend so tail portion may be made on fly.
A very, very good fly in early season. Imitates "humpy" fry on downstream migration.]
I hope this is helpful. I don't understand the part about the "short piece of black silk at the bend so tail portion may be made". Maybe I overthinking it.


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The "short piece of black silk" (silk was all we had to tie with in those days) is to tie down the peacock sword fibers at the beginning of the hook bend. The fibers should lie arched slightly along the hook shank from behind the eye to the beginning of the bend where they are tied down with just the tips projecting to form a short tail.

This is the "old" Ken McLeod pattern referred to above.
Skagit minnow recipe with instructions

So maybe I missed something, but I've looked through this thread and I still don't see an actual recipe for the Skagit Minnow (Mike Kinney's version). Anyone have a set of explicit instructions for a newbie fly tier with two left thumbs. Thanks.


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At some spey fishing board, which I think is called the spey pages, ( I found a recipie tied up by someone called voodoofly or voodoo something). Don't have it bookmarked on this computer or I would post the link. Tied some of those up for a swap. Time consuming, but very catchy looking. Pretty fly, though.


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Been thinking about how I tied em' so here's how I did it.

Stinger hook, size 1 Owner all purpose bait hook. These are really nice hooks, the best I've used for stingers.

If you can get em' tie the body on a waddington shank, but since you are from Wooley, you allready know you live in a fly-shop challenged area. Drive 60 miles south through a traffic mess, or you use what I used 1|0 Mustad salmon hook (after your'e done whack the curved pointy part off with a pair of dekes.

Do the stinger hooks first, more efficent this way.

I dubbed a little bump of purple lite brite on the end. Then tie in two super grizzly hackle tips, about two and a half inches long, shiny side out. That little bump of purple stuff keeps the tips separated somewhat. Now dubb a thin body of purple lite brite up the shank leave enough room to tie in a piece of crosscutt bunny. Wrap the bunny once, like you would a hackle collar, tie off and whip finish and cement. Finish tying some more like this and put aside once you think you have enough.

The body.

Take about 6 inches of 20 or 30lb Berkley fireline. Fold in half and push the folded end through the eye of the stinger. Now pull the folded loop over the stinger and around below the barb and cinch up tight with the eye. Do this with the rest of your stingers.

Now put a 1\0 or shank in your vise and take your completed stinger with the fire line and measure it so the marabou tips will just hang over the front of the stinger you don't want to completly cover the stinger and as well you don't want to have to much of the line hanging past the marabou tips. After you have the length you want lay the end of the line over the shank, start at the back above the hook bend and tightly wrap the thread to the front of the shank now fold the line back to the back and wrap the thread to the back, snip off any left over line, and put a drop of zap a gap on the threads, you don't need more than the drop that comes out spread that over the threads wrap back to the front and tie in some lead barbell eyes. About the medium size ones bigger if you want to really dredge or smaller or not at all. Repeat this until you have enough to match the stingers. Doing them all at once allows tht glue to dry.

Put a completed shank with stinger back in the vise and take a few strands of the lite brite and tie on the end so the ends will trail over the line to the front of the stinger. Now tie in a marabou by the tip and wind to the front, I used three black marabou hackles for the body leave enough room for one purple marabou and take only maybe three wraps until you get to the barbell. Dub on a little of the purple lite brite and wrap that around the barbell make a head whip finish cement and your'e done.

I tied em' up with black bunny on the stinger, and black with purple marabou on the front of
of the body, but whatever color combo you like would be fine. Popsicle colored ones would be nice or pink and white or whatever colors you like.


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Forgot after you get em' done whack off the body's hook point above the bend but below the end of the stuff you tied on. Pinch bard too on the stinger


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Forgot about one more option. After I finished tying the black marabou, put a couple of silver and purple flashabou strips on each side before you finish off with the purple marabou.