your dream set-up?

So, I'm getting pretty jazzed about my latest fishing purchase. After school is done for the semester, I'll be devoting my time to building a 8134-4 Burkheimer two-hander. I have spent the last year scraping together money to buy what I felt would be a "dream setup" as far as two-handed rods go. I guess I'm pretty stoked because as a college student it has taken quite some time to save up the money for my set up and I'm almost finally there.

I guess I'm curious as to what you are saving for/dreaming of?

This is my set up

Berkie 8134-4
Nautilus 10
multi-tip Windcutter 789

What is your dream set up?

Salmon Chaser

Wannabe Spey God
I have a couple of dream set ups now,, but if i could i would like to fish a
Hoagy Carmichael Spey 14' 9wt 3pc:cool:
Maurice Noel Signature series M500
Carron line
oh yeah,, and a week on the Alta to test drive the above setup:thumb:
Salmon Chaser

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
I've already got the Nautalis 10 custom ingraved "Zen Piscator" on it. Love the reel and current have it matched with a tfo spey which i actually love, although the next purchase will be something hevier/higher quality.
Mieser 15' 7/8/9, Tioga 12 Magnum. XLT olt style 7/8 I have 3 of these for back up I like them that much with this rod. Yea yea I know the Tioga is just a cheapie, but it fishes as well as the spendy ones.


Rob Zelk

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I'm in love with the GLX dredger series,

For a reel if i could afford it now, I'd get a Hardy Perfect or Bougle is a little less expensive. With a rio or airflo skagit head, yeah baby!!!!

You burkheimer dudes have been talking to Russ Miller too much! :rofl: ;)
You know i'm playin' , its all personal preference for sure. Russ thinks the Loomis rods are "noodles" Russ would agree on the Hardy though wouldn't you Russ? I'm sure of it. Its too bad you don't own a computer russ...


Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
13'9" 789 Burkheimer
Lamson ULA 3.5
Rio Midspey 8/9

6 12'6" Sage
Lamson ULA 3.4
Rio Skagit 450

I love them both. I don't think that I could dream up a better combo.
Meiser MKS 7/8 and Hardy Humber Marquis 1 (Skagit systems with built T-14 tips from 6 to 24 feet for winter and Carrons line on extra spool for summer on both MKS rods)
Meiser MKS 8/9 and Hardy Bougle Mark V 4 inch (Same as above)
C&D Tracker 5/6/7 and Hardy St. John (Gravity spey line with all kinds of built tips)

Thats what's on the wall on the "spey" side of the house
9143-3 Hardy Bougle 4" - Winter
8141-4 Hardy Bougle 4" or Golden JLH 4" - Summer

I want to see a few Meiser rods, Coach when are you back??

I would love to fish the 8139-3 as well

Got mine long ago,
4 Clan Rods, hand-built by master rod builder Harry Jamieson the last traditional rod builder in Scotland, and all built a stones throw from the Spey.
Two hardy Perfects, the best thing Hardy ever made, a couple of Malloch of Perth reels.
And i just picked up 25 Salmon lines to try out, yes 25.:eek:
The perks of working on the River Spey. :cool:
I don't have a dream set-up, but am interested in purchasing a moderately priced all-around rod that is castable for a relative newbie, but a rod I can grow into. Is that a dream? The two rods that have caught my eye are the Meiser S2h136 13' 6" 8/9 and a Guideline 3 piece (I don't remember the model) that is about the same size and weight. These rods range from mid $400's to mid $500. Can any of you spey gurus comment on these rods, or something in their price range that would be a good match for what I'm looking for?

John Hicks

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Well being a newbie at the spey scene, I have yet to cast a Burk or Meis. I did however get the rod that I had as a dream rod. I have a very nice set-up and it was 90% luck and 10% research.

Sage 9141
Albright tempest black (color matches sage perfectly) number 4
Rio windcutter 9/10/11
After a couple of years of test casting I arrived at my current dream setup:

Sage TCR 8123-4
Abel Big Game 4 ported
Rio 10/11 900Gr floater cut and custom loop end tied to make a tip system with Rio sinking tips

I like 'em fast and this set up rocks!
I love it!

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