Any Snoqualmie Reports?

Has anyone been on the Snoqualmie in the past day or two?
I'd appreciate any reports or details............ thinking bout goin
tomorrow for a bit. I haven't had a chance to go since
before the pre- Thanksgiving flooding.



Be the guide...
Well, it shot up a little this morning, so I'd give it another day or so. Visibilty was already low (10-12 inches or so), so I"m sure this little spike hurt it even more.

I hit it a few times in the last few days and have not seen any sign of steelhead. Instead, I've caught some chum, silvers, and whities.
I am just learning the river so I don't know what optimal fishing conditions are. My last trip to the river was on Saturday. The water level and clarity were good in my opinion.
There were about 10 gear guys at Tokul. I saw 4 fish landed 2 of them keepers. The creek itself is closed above the bridge.
I checked out the David Powell area. There were about four fly guys and a few guys on drift boats. None of them appeared to have any action.
I didn't stop at Raging because it was full of fisherman. I think they had one of the spey classes there.
At the tolt the gate was closed. There were about four gear guys at the mouth. All of them targetting aging chums.
Let me know how you do.

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"

I stopped by this morning. The water was higher and murky again. A few fisherman here and there -- most on the south side of the river. Saw two fish rolling but they could have been chums.

Bert Kinghorn

Formerly "nextcast"
What Chad said.

Fished the upper river this morning with no steelhead touches. The salmon are pretty tired at this point and deserve to be left alone. The best part is there are so few fish that the aluminum hatch was off. If you want you can easily have a piece of the river to yourself.


the oldest old guy
was there yesterday water murky about a 1/2 dozen fishing on south side east of bridge and 3 or 4 on the west almost all fishing with fish
i think one of the clay banks must have fallen or something to that level cause it was mucked up a bit. i did go and didn't see any fish. higher up by DBR it was ok vis but not great. the raging river was nice color, but from below DPR and above where the raging river, something mucked it up. give it a few days to clear up. i was mostly working my spey cast anyways. nice day out.