Wanted: Mounted Fish, King, Coho, Steelhead ?


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Looking to decorate a room and wanting to see if anyone has one that is collecting dust and would like to part with, could be true taxidermy or plastic is ok too.


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Clicky for a few...Go down the left hand side, salmon right there in th "S" section.

NFI, just lookin' too.

Never wanted or felt the need to kill a fish for the wall.
Paul check out this guy he is on the board and his work is epic. "fish-artist" look him up in the photo gallary he has some good pics of his work. I think he will even take your trophy picture and make you a fish that you really caught.
Awesome stuff. good luck

My husband is an avid Fly Fisherman and has left three mounted fish on my wall when he left. He has recently given me permission to sell them. One is a brown trout, the other is a Steel Head Trout, and a Coho, all three mounted on drift wood. If interested please contact me immediately at [email protected]

Bob Jones

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Look up on the walls at Cabelas they've caught it for you in plastic and to 'the oz. and allways fresh and shiny.

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