(NFR) Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?


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I'm a bit embarrased to spam the whole forum with this: But I've been looking for a good quality machete to chop blackberry thickets away on some of my more adventurous excursions. All I've been able to find are cheap Coleman machetes, and a local Google search turns up little else. Anyone know where to find good quality outdoor machetes? Thanks.
Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

I bought one several years ago at the Duffle Bag in Tacoma. It is a G I issue Army surplus came with scabbarb and is pretty heavy and holds a good edge. So try the Army Navy surplus stores.


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Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

I bought a pretty good one at Home Depot last summer-- no sheath though, had to make one from an elk hide I had

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Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

See if there's an "Army Surplus" store nearby. Comes with a sheath & have used mine for many years. Just keep it sharp or you'll be beating the bushes to death.
Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

World Anglr and I cleared about 5 acres of my property with cheap $8 machetes (with sheaths) from Coast To Coast (until the bear chased him home and Cracker and I fell off our rockers laughing). I find these cheap, dullish ones work better - if you sharpen them they just get hung up in the vines (like you never sharpen a splitting axe). I keep one on the handle bars of my DR brush mower and wack it clear if it gets caught. It's all in the wrist, man.


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Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

I've had a machete for years, but I agree with Paul. Every time I have to hack some blackberry vines, I think about replacing it with a Swedish brush axe as a more applicable tool.


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Where can I buy a good machete near Seattle?

You can also check surveyors supply outlets. Surveyors use machettes almost daily.
Brush axes are too heavy IMO. Unless all you're cutting is berries and small trees. For general purpose, you want something light weight and with a scabbard. While they look safe, I've never liked a machette with an enclosed handle. The handle hurts your hand (little finger). Also, look closely at the edge. Some (not all) of the machettes coming out of SA and Mexico have hard spots in the metal. I haven't seen any of those in a while now but they're a real pain in the ass to sharpen. I guess this is a vote to not go as cheap as possible. You don't want a piece of crap you can't use effectively. Collins is a good brand and not expensive.
I always keep one in my truck for recon work and potentially protection. It is very sharp.

A "trick" for blackberries: Use your machette to cut a 12' long heavy alder pole for smashing the vines down. Clean up the path with your blade. This is especially effective on the dead vines that are so hard to cut without raking your hand.
In full combat mode, wear gloves but avoid cowhide. It gets slippery when wet and that's not good while playing ninja in the woods. Pig skin or synthetic products provide better grip when wet. Make sure your partner(s) aren't in the "swing" zone or on it's extension. Eventually and at some point, that blade WILL fly out of your hand.
One last tip: All branches at or near eye height get cut off flush with the tree or bush.