Best Fish of 06

best fish of the year was my purrty bull! biggest so far , est. wt. was around 8lbs. sorry no pics:) but the memory is burnt into my brain!
Mister Ritari !! I knew I just knew you would pull that bad boy out !!! I hope your happy now knowing that you just blew everyone away ! We won't mention that you caught it next to that nuclear plant there Missoul.


the Menehune stole my beer
Since I got to do about 1/5 the fishing I usually do in '06, and 1/100th of what I wanted to do, Foghorn Leghorn will stand as my best of the year unless I pull something out of my sphincter in Hawaii this week..............:rofl: some decent cutts and searuns, but no steelhead over 6 pounds ............

No pics, but 6-7 lb. largemouth out of a remote columbia basin lake. I even got to see the take.

I was taking a break, stretching my legs a bit and casting from the shore. I was about to pick up for another cast when I see these giant white lips come up from the bottom in about 3 feet of water right off the bank, and engulf my halloween bugger. I think we were both equally surprised as it took her about 20 seconds or so before she decided to really fight.

Best bass to date, 20+inches.