The New Fishing Lodge at Christmas Island

The fishing is better today than it was 25 years ago when we first started going there. They have no kill rules for bonefish and GT now. Catch & release only areas, no fishing areas, and a 5 fish a day limit if you do want to keep some of the other kinds of fish.

The best part was the new Villages Fishing Lodge. It's only been open 7 months and can handle 8 anglers a week. Two to a room. Air conditioning, and lots of hot water. It's located 30 minutes from the airport on the lagoon side of the island on the way to London. The boats..... ( 2 anglers, a guide, and boatman ) the boats pick you up each morning right on the beach at the lodge, and in 5 minutes your at a bonefish flat catching fish.

The big ulua (GT) have really made a comeback. The 40 to 80 pounders are everywhere.
If you can't catch one in 10 casts, something is wrong. It was that good. We also caught ahi, wahoo, kawakawa, aku, sweet lips, red coral trout, and even a sailfish.

The bonefishing was better than ever. Each evening before dinner we would gather on the lanai for pupu's and drinks to plan the next days fishing. Teannaki, the head guide, would ask: "What kind of fish do you want to catch? How Big?" If you wanted the bonefish over 6 pounds you went to the flats where the big ones are. One guy got an 11 pounder. The water was deeper, you caught less fish, but they were big. I chose the 1 to 2 pound size. Lots of fun on a light 5 wt fly rod.

One day I ask to catch papio (small GT). The guide took us to where the rising tide was spilling over a gravel bar. The bluefin and whites were every where. I would cast at a 3 pounder and a 1 pound one would race in and take the fly. Then a school of queen fish would come by and everyone would hook up. Fish jumping all over the place. After an hour of non stop action I had to sit down and rest. I returned to that place 3 times that week.

The food was all 5 Star. We started with a big breakfast. Eggs to order, ham, bacon, French toast, cereal, fresh fruit, juice. Then we made sandwiches for lunch. Water, soda, and beer was in the ice chest on the boat. Dinners were great. Sashimi every night. Usually a choice of a fish or meat dish. Lobster, giant clam, Mantas Shrimp, tako, pork, chicken, and fish. I can't say enough about the food.

Several evenings there was local entertainment, dancers & singing. The people are still friendly as ever.

Christmas Island is 3 hours south of Hawaii by jet. Air Pacific is part of Qantas so the service is great... meal and a movie. They leave Honolulu every Tuesday on their way to Fiji, and return the following Tuesday. So your stuck there for a week with nothing to do but enjoy the fishing. <grin>

Sean, at Nervous Water fly shop here in Honolulu made all the booking arrangements for us. With tips and bar bill, I still came in under $3000. Not bad for air fare, ground transportation, hotel, all meals, guide & boat every day..... and some great fishing. We already booked our next trip.

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Geez, tough crowd in here. Read like a "Trip Report with Pics" to me. And for those of you who can actually read, it should have been clear that he was flyfishing. So someone in his party fished gear and he happened to snap a few pictures of him. Who effin' cares?
WOW!!! It sure is nice to see that everyone is so encouraging and considerate :beathead: How about congratulating somebody for their efforts and for a trip well done?...Or perhaps we fly fishers are just to good for that...:confused:
Usually if something looks like a duck, acts like a duck and sounds like a duck, it is a duck. I thought Stan's post was a commercial for the lodge and as such-spam.
I no longer believe that and would like to apologize to Stan for "low-holing" his post.
Sorry Stan, my bad.:eek:
Just a dumb Swede here Stan, I apologize also, checked all your photo data and your guides and it seems to be legit. You can never be to careful with the identity theft.

Again please accept my apology,

agent montana

This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!
ewhitaker75 said:
Decker just has to chime in on every thread started on WFF it seems......;)
oooooooooooo!!!! You gonna let him handle you like that Decker???? HAndle your business!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ..WTF??? Anybody fishing?
u trying to stir the pot? i already done did that bizness in private. i already said what i wanted to say. just commenting on the photos thats all. not convinced that is a spam deal. the dude has a nice camera in the pic, thus it's not too far fetched to think he took the pics and made a legit post.

yes, i may be on here quite a bit lately,
but you see...... that is my way to escape diaper city over here..... and that's some nasty bizness.

anybody fishing? you're smart enough to figure that one out AgentM!;)



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It would be great if this (the fishing reports) were truly indicative of the return of great fishing to Christmas. I went there twice about 4-5 years ago and found the fishing to be good but not great. Plenty of small fish (18-20 inches, or 2-3 pounds), but larger fish were extremely rare. The largest bonefish caught the weeks I was there out of the old lodge (20 - 30 anglers) were about 6-7 pounds, and only a few of those were caught amongst all the anglers. I did see one (9-10 pound) bonefish larger than that follow my fly but not eat. I have had other friends and acquaintances go who did hit somewhat better fishing, but nothing that comes close to what was described here. We did see some nice GT's, but they were always just out of reac, and a few were caught by others.

I am happy to hear that Stan had a good trip; I hope it's indicative of a larger improvement and not just a great week. If anyone else has more data it would be great to hear it. The pictures here seem to prove nothing.

Given the relative discomfort of the old lodge I had decided never to visit again. The place was pretty grim; unrecognizable sandwich meat, ungrounded light switches that gave me shocks, no AC save a few rooms, overcooked tuna for dinner, ten thread count sheets that practically tore the sunburned skin off your legs, etc. ALL of which would have been forgivable had the fishing been sublime.

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