Where do you keep your pistol while fishing?


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At home in the safe...

Although I carry many places I go, I've never seen the need when fishing. But that's just me. As in most sporting applications though, I'd suggest a shoulder holster. It rides high and dry... if you get my drift...:thumb:


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There are many options. You can still wear it on your wader belt. Just because you are wearing chest waders, it doesn't mean you always need to wade past your hips...

There are shoulder harness holsters. Or find a tacticle vest that can work as both a fishing vest, yet has a built in holster.

The list goes on. Just don't leave it in the car...


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I wear double leather on each hip with a pair of .44 six shooters and strap a mini-14 across my back-- the crowded run usually clears quickly when I arrive .


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If you have to ask a question such as this, please leave it at home secured. This isn't the wild west, its not about the quick draw, it's about reasonable prudence.


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It's a reasonable question for a guy who is new to packing a gun. Take a hike if you can't handle answering the question without being a prick...
I agree with Chad don’t leave it in the car so someone can steal it.

With all the pot growing operations and meth labs popping up it’s a very valid question to post.


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Mulligan said:
What does one carry a gun for when fishing? Are things getting that rough on our rivers?
Sometimes the answer is a simple as "because he can". I don't much anymore, but if and when I do, it will be along the reason's Dennis just mentioned...


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Chad is right and I was joking above.

Actually ,yes, things are getting,as you say,"rough" on our ever increasing urban rivers, trails, woods, etc.

But furthermore one is allowed to choose to carry a gun pretty much anywhere one chooses, save from a few places that our gov't has decided we can't. Don't even need the cpl if you wear it strapped outside, last time I checked. And allowed to do so ,or should be, without any flak from the peanut gallery. Guns are not a bad thing. bad people are a bad thing. And ,IMO ,people that think guns are a bad thing are ,indeed, a bad thing.

Tweaker idiot invested areas such as the Sky valley almost requires that some protection from them is the first thing loaded before the rods and waders. Certainly some thought. When you are getting underway from the Lewis St ramp at dawn and a stolen car with a meathead methhead behind the wheel comes flying down the entrance ramp at about 70mph headon into the big maple guarding the river, and you realize that 30 more seconds and he would have t-boned you and your boat ,you will understand.

Remember that Monk????

Advice on how or wear to carry a weapon should probably be handled privatly however. You won't get a lot of answers here because those that would answer are just admitting they carry and alot of folk keep that private for good reason, so should you..


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Thanks for the info. I was not critiquing anyone's choice of carrying a weapon, simply curious. I have not been around guns much, so I will leave those to others and hope that I run into you guys not the meth heads. I agree, I don't feel very safe at many spots on the Sky. The amount and type of trash is a sure sign that idiots are lurking.

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Davy said:
I wear double leather on each hip with a pair of .44 six shooters and strap a mini-14 across my back-- the crowded run usually clears quickly when I arrive .
That was LOL!

Myself, I'm packin' about three pounds of aggression but everyone's safe as long as I keep my zipper up.
i normally don't pack, but the couple times i have, it was on my wader belt...easy to get to if needed. for some reason i have convinced myself i am safer should a bear attack me or a tweaker if i have my pistol. most likely not true but i feel better that way. i feel that i know my guns and how to handle them, etc. and thats the way it should be. handguns are no joke and regardless of whether it makes sensor or not to carry or its right or wrong, you should know the responsibility you have set upon yourself with the gun on your side. i have nothing against anybody packing anywhere as long as they know what they are doing and are safe and responsible with the weapon.
razorback said:
unless you are landing a great white!!, there is no need to carry a hand gun.
Thinking that there is no need is quite ignorant...and unfortunately, until people with these thoughts become victim's of thoughtless criminal acts they will not wake up. In fact, many people who do fall victim to horrific criminal acts still don't wake up and decide that knifes and guns are bad, not the dirtbag criminal who "had a rough childhood." We are all as prepared as we make ourselves, but I'll tell you right now...the last person to have their family murdered didn't expect or foresee it happening...so you might as well do everything you can to prevent yourself/your families from becoming victims. That is why firearms are important!

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