Where do you keep your pistol while fishing?

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
It's a reasonable question for a guy who is new to packing a gun. Take a hike if you can't handle answering the question without being a prick...
I just carry dual M-16's slung over my shoulders, complete with Rambo style ammo belts and frag grenades.

Itchy Dog

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A question everyone that carries a gun for protection really needs to ask themselves (and give an honest answer to) is "Are you, without a doubt, fully prepared to use it if the need arises?"

It's easy to buy a gun and practice at the range under controlled circumstances. It's easy to holster it inside your jacket and tell yourself that you'll use it if you have to. It makes you feel safe when you carry. But it may be a false sense of security. But when it comes down to that unforeseen moment when your life might be in danger, how will you respond? Unless your battle-tested, nobody knows how it will play out. And our laws don't play into your favor necessarily if you use a gun to defend yourself. If you end up killing some meth-head because he was threatening your life, don't be surprised at how our legal system will respond in making your life hell. I have no experience with this, but I do know that when I was younger I thought I'd get my CWP and occasionally carry. But when I read "In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad Ayoob, I really started to question my decision. I haven't packed a piece of self defense since. Now, if my family were threatened I can say with confidence that I would die for them. But in the woods, on the banks of a remote river, when confronted by some freaky dude, would I be capable of pulling out a gun and pointing it at him and pulling the trigger? I really don't know. But if you plan to carry a gun you have to be prepared to use it. You can't bluff with a gun- if you hesitate one second too long it may be too late. If you draw your weapon and point it, you best be prepared to pull the trigger. And you best be able to prove without a doubt to a court of law that your actions were necessary. I'd carry a can of bear spray before I'd carry a handgun for protection.

Just my thoughts. Carry on.


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I agree that most of the time you will not need the gun but the one time you do you better hope you have it, know how to use it, and have a good lawyer because you'll likely have a lot of explaining to do.

If you fish the middle fork of the snoqualmie and think it's peaceful and safe check this link out.


BTW I hunt grouse out that way and have come across 99.9% normal people and a few kooks including two militia types packing enough heat for WWIII. I have also heard a lot of plinking ot that way from small arms to fully auto AKs


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I go hiking where I am now and have to be careful of bobcats, cougar, and coyotes if I am on the right trails...

I have not had to deal with the bear yet though...

Wow! Definitely want a buddy to go along... I'm quick on my feet, but I don't want to try outrunning something for sure or getting my blonde self into an area where I know nothing on my own...

Haven't shot a gun in years though... I am more a bow gal... Kinda goes along with being native... Yes, I am Indian but I am also Irish...
You never have to be faster than the bear, cougar, or anything that chases you. Just faster than who your fishing with...

Mike Etgen

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I'm starting to worry that your Messianic complex is getting a little out of hand.

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You might consider taking over the Pastafanarians. :hmmm:

Richard E

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I wear double leather on each hip with a pair of .44 six shooters and strap a mini-14 across my back-- the crowded run usually clears quickly when I arrive .
Pick off a strike indicator or two for target practice, and they all head for home! :beer2:

Richard E

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i normally don't pack, but the couple times i have, it was on my wader belt...easy to get to if needed. QUOTE]

What pistol do you pack that your wader belt can accommodate? It seems that many popular pistol models would be pretty heavy for a wader belt . . . or did you buy a beefier wader belt?

It really depends on what you are packing. I wear my HK usp compact on my thigh rig and just let it go underwater..... If you have a polymer pistol like Hk or glock that is the most out of the way, yet accessable place.