Swap Summer Steelhead swap

Hey does anyone want to participate in a Summer Run swap? I was hopin to get a dozen or so people in on it. Just tie up your fav summer run pattern, no eggs!!! How about the deadline be feb 20th.
Just sent out my flies for the winter swap. I think I could handle a dozen more by the 20th. Im in, Ive got a spawning purple variation that worked good for me on the north umpqua so thats my tie. Kevin
Sweet looking forward to seeing that pattern. I was going to do the same thing but I think I will do a P bear low water hair wing instead or maybe a spey... so we have four people including myself.
Its perfect so long as it is for steelhead. BTW it would be cool to get a few people to tie some sexy speys. So, so far we have;
Ron Eagle Elk
Salmon Chaser
Daryle Holmstrom
six more spots left!!! Also I will be tying the demon spey in a 1.5

Will Atlas

I'd like to be in this too if you have space still. Not sure what I'll tie, but I'll let you know in a couple days. Probably either a McMillan Steelhead Caddis or a purple muddler minnow.
COOl so we have seven so far, we still got 5 spaces left. BTW I am changing flies back to a P-bear hair wing since I am in the spey swap now.
Ron Eagle Elk
Salmon Chaser
Daryle Holmstrom
CAscade killer
I will not be on for a few days(TJe twenty pound steelhead god visited me in a dream last night and said to fish the clearwater... So now I am going fishing.):beer1:
Sweet we got one more spot left so far we have
Halcyon-Autumns on the Spey
Salt spey-delicate little spey
Cameron Derbyshire-2 Cumming Specials
Big Tuna-hair-wing low water claret and black
Ron Eagle Elk-some sort of dry
nrthcsteel-spawning purple varioation
Salmon Chaser-only god knows
Daryle Holmstrom-no clue what he's tieing
Speykid-a P-bear hair wing that looks cool
Stevo-#28 bwo emerger?
CAscade killer-McMillan Steelhead Caddis or a purple muddler minnow

Let me know what your tying guys so you are the only one tying it.

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