Buttstock for a Winchester Model 12?

I was recently honored to get my Grandfathers Winchester Model 12, 12 Ga. It was the shotgun he hunted Turkey with. This spring I hope to kill a big ole Tom with it.

It is still quite funtional but the stock has a crack in it near where it attaches to the reciever. I went to the Winchester Website and determined that the gun was manufactured in 1929.

I would like to get a new stock for it before the spring turkey season. I have tried to find a replacement online but (except for Ebay) I have found next to nothing.

Anyone of you shotgun officianados out there have any idea where I should look?

thanks in advance,

Try numrich arms in new york...they have everything for everything...maybe.
best parts availability i've ever seen.
google it...not sure of the website


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Is your grandpa's Model 12 a nickle-steel barrel? If so, does it have a "pearch belly" pistol grip with a fairly thin stock, or the later model Win-Steel barrel with the "clubier", thicker stock and grip? If it's an oldie and you want to keep it as original as possible you might want to determine this before buying a used stock. It would make a difference, to me. I own and hunt with two Model 12's in 16ga. They were manufactured in 1914 & 1917, with the 1917 gun having a solid rib. To some of us the handling characteristics between the two versions are as dramatic as night and day. You might want to check with winchester restorations (winrest.com) or winchesterrestorations.com.

Also, the very early Model 12's as I've described above were manufactured with 2-9/16" chambers for the shorter shells that were used back then. Some modern shells will load, shoot and eject, but some won't. I've had my 1914 gun's chamber legnthened to accept 2-3/4". I don't know if this affects the 12ga guns, though. I have access to more info if you need it, just PM me.

It sounds like you have a wonderful old shotgun with high sentimental value. I hope you get your turkey.


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