My Two Steelhead Last Weekend


Nice hair-do, but who was looking at you!!! Nice fish man. I never have fished a river with a hatchery run, so always C&R. But I can understand taking a hatchery fish for food.

By looking at the fish, I would think a 1x or 0x flourocarbon tippet haul them in too. I tie my own leaders, pretty simple: 3ft of 25lb Maxima, 3ft of 20lb Maxima, 3ft of 15lb Maxima and 18 inches of 0X or 1X Florocarbon Rio tippet.

Good job out there. We are stuck in the below Zero weather up here, and I am getting itchy as it has been almost a month sine I have fly-fished.
Yeah Frank, that's I build my leaders. That was one of the best things I learned from one of my FFM(FlyFishingMentors).

frankrutledge said:
Does anyone else do this?

Ya, I just started doing it this year because of the article I read in Flyfishing & Tying. I posted a quick explantion of the article above, anyways it seems to work really well and a lot cheaper. The one thing about it is not to tie a loop off the fly line because it creates a hinge and doesn't allow the leader and fly to react correctly.

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