Expoxy that won't "set-up"

Yesterday I applied some two-part Flexi-ment" epoxy that remains sticky won't set-up. I'm not so interested in why as how to deal with the problem of sticky epoxy. I've never had this problem before. (Yes , both the epoxy and hardener were warmed and throughly mixed together) :beathead: :mad:

Any suggestions?


It's a chemical reaction, so though it was mixed thoroughly, was it in the proper ratio? We'll assume so.

Epoxy can go bad over time. I keep mine in the fridge when I'm not using it. This is why pre-preg materials like the kevlar we use in aviation are kept in freezers. It helps stop the clock on the epoxy's life. Some epoxies actually activate at room temp.

The other thing is silicone. What kind of syringe are you using? Medical grade syringes have silicone in their bores, which throws the epoxy off.

You say you've never had this problem before. I'll assume you're an experienced rod builder, and this isn't your fourth or fifth rod. If that's the case, you know how to mix, you use proper mixing tools....it's gotta be the epoxy. Contamination or age.


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To answer the "what next" question, I'm unaware of any magic potions you can rub on the tacky finish to make it setup at this point. To a very limited degree it will continue to cure slowly. For the most part though, what you see at 3 days is what you will see at 3 years. Aside from just living with it, you have two choices:

1. Apply another coat over the tacky one--with the added buildup and the yukky stuff still there, or

2. Rip the works out and start over. This is where you will eventually end up, even if 10 years from now, so you may as well bite the bullet and do it now.

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You might try putting a thin coat of Loon's UV Knot Sense over the epoxy. When you buy the Knot Sense, get one of the little UV flashlights. When the Knot Sense is where you want it, hold the UV flashlight an inch or so away and shine for ten seconds and it'll harden up into an 'overcoat' that's just as hard and tough as epoxy.

I like UV Knot Sense so much that I use it instead of epoxy for wing cses, shell backs and head on nymphs. It's more controllable than epoxy and as long as you use it inside you can push it around into whatever shape you want without it getting tacky. It only gets hard when you hit it with the UV light or take it outside into direct sunshine.

Thanks for the responses!

This is "day two" of the stick epoxy. It actually HAS firmed up some but is still not as firm as I'd like. I'm going to let it go a week and see what happens. I too suspect old epoxy and possibly contamination. I'm REALLY not excited about re-wrapping the rod and I'm in no particular hurry at this point.

I hadn't thought of using UV light. Hmmmmmm........

When I've had epoxy not set up over night, I redo it. You can wait, but like was said, how it looks at three days, is how it will look at three years. I just use 36 hrs or so as a benchmark. For me, if it's not set up to "touchable" with no tack in 18-24 hrs, something is wrong. But I'll let it set for a couple of days before I put it in a rod bag.

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