Double Taper Lines?



I've been using a WF line for the past couple of years and it is pretty well shot. I'm considering replacing it with a DT. Short casts, mending, and roll casts are more important where I fish than long distance casting. I prefer using nymphs and/or dry flies on small to medium sized rivers, with some lake fishing. I'd like to use this line on my 5 weight rod, which has a fairly stiff medium flex. I have a couple of questions.

1) Would a DT line really make that much difference? 2) How do they perform? (I'm having a hard time finding information or opinions on how they actually perform)3) Which brand would you suggest? I've done some research on SA XPS lines, which has recieved some good reviews, Orvis wonderlines, and Cortland Lazer lines.

Thanks for your time.


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
When I was fly fishing 20 years ago, double taper lines were used on small to medium streams, for short casts and roll casts, and I cannot imagine that they would not be useful in those situations. But with the amount of focus on developing WF tapers, it seems likely that they are better for this than they were.

But I would not want to depend on a DT for all my fishing, for the bigger rivers we have, and for lake fishing a good WF rules. I would personally replace your WF with a WF and get a DT for those special cases.



Another thing to remember about a double taper is that you mainly use the first 40 feet or so. After the line wears out, you can easily turn the line around on the reel and use the other half. The line will last twice as lone as a WF.


If you have trouble roll casting big nymphs with the WF you'll want to try the DT. I fish a 5wt. IMX and wouldn't think of tossing nymphs all day without my 444DT. Of course, if you're willing to toss nymphs all day it may not matter what you throw, just wear glasses and duck!


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