Sage Rods! At Sierratrading post!!!!!

Red Shed

"junkyard spey"
Yes Sage has replaced the "euro" rods with something new and exciting. I am quite surprised that Sierra has any of these rods to sell because at the end Sage claimed they didn't have any left and as far as I know they weren't taking them back.

The Sierra deal is actually better then it appears as they state the retail price was $705.00 when according to my catalog it was $760.00 for a 7141.

I have one of these rods (7141) in stock and I will match Sierra's price of $493.50usd and ship it for free in conus.
That is a great deal Red Shed is offering and you would get a lot better customer service...I love Sierra Trading post but if you ask them whether to put a windcutter or a mid-spey on it they are going to look at you like you are from Mars.
John Hicks said:
If I had the clams I would jump on your deal. Damn I hate moving.
Different type of 'moving,' but I feel your pain. Yesterday's mail brought me the renewal notice for the 'tags' on my Motor Home:eek: . So much for 'jumping on this deal.'bawling:

Red Shed

"junkyard spey"
If I had the clams I would jump on your deal.
I'll raise. Add any Lamson I stock to the deal and I'll throw in any Rio or Airflo floating spey line with backing, a knotless 15' leader, and AgentX line dressing @ no cost.


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Wow! Instead of the January white sale at Penny's and Macy's, it the January Spey Sale! Holy Batman! I knew Sage thinks highly of their equipment, but when I saw the retail price for those Sage Spey rods, I had to gasp for air. Mike's deal brings the Sage setup to the realm where mere mortals shop and fish. Unfortunately, I've run out of reasons to rationalize yet another Spey rod purchase.

Red Shed

"junkyard spey"
You can call it a January "White Sale" if you'd like as it is pretty white outside, it has been that way for several days and it looks like it going to be that way for several more days.
I spent a lot of time casting and comparing the Meiser MKS rod and the 7141 and I ultimately decided on the 7141. I like the rod a lot. As I would describe it, you feel the bend in the rod deeper (closer to the handle) with the MKS rod. I ended up preferring the tipier action of the 7141. I felt I had more leverage with the rod. I ultimately chose it because I felt casting was more effortless with the rod for me. I also appreciated the backbone of the rod. I am doing a sloppy cast or have little backroom for the d-loop, I can punch the rod and get the line out.

I know this is a matter of personal preference and that is where my preferences were.



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fishheads said:
Just in case you needed a better excuse use coupon code 52367 at checkout and get another 20% off.

Wow! generous ....multiple use or single that good for all of us hombres to use? :D
Multiple use. I just checked and it is still valid. Not sure of expiration date. I bought a 796-2. They still have the Sage European Style Spey Rods.

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