My Daughter Busts Me

Several days ago, I wrote what I thought was a humorous post called "The Upside Down Reverse Cast." My daughter(32) usually reads most of my stuff and finds it funny. But she took exception to this article in that I had used the word "rape" as if were something like burp or fart. It is never funny she said.
Also, she did'nt care for the fact that I had made the girl scout that I had accidentally whispered on a "fat little girl."
And she wasn't sure that I should have poked fun at the Girl Scouts of America.
All these points are well taken and I deeply apologize.
First, rape is never funny and males (most of the Forum) have little concept of what it involves. Picture yourself being accosted from behind and a razor placed at your throat. You are now is fear of your life, very aware that each second may be your last. Then you are dragged into a garage and sodomized over and over. Your jaw is unhinged and most of your hair is torn out. You are beaten savagely until you become unconscious. This is rape. Now, YOU have been raped, and the word will always send terror through your body. So, yes, rape is not funny. I should have used "help."
The "fat little girl." I am, myself, fat and I hate it. It does not look good and it is not healthy. I suffer enough from it and I don't need people making fun of fatness. It should have been omitted because it was fatist which is prejustice against fat people.
Also, The Girl Scouts of America is a fine orgainization and I admire what they do for children. For some kids, the GSA is the only good thing in their life.
Yet, I feel we are far too sensitive about things in this country. In Britain, anything is fair game, the fat, the skinny, women, the royals, the handicapped, homosexuals and the list goes on. Everyone laughs and it seems no one gets offended. British humour is based on the idea that someone experiences indignity but without injury. Insult but no harm. I love their open minds and I find them terribly funny e.g. Monty Python etc.
But we don't live in GB and so we must play by our own rules.
Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone, and I will renew my efforts to be more sensitive. But it sure does put a crimp in your writing when you are trying to be humorous.
I did not take any offense at your posting. I too have daughters, one 35 and one 27. I believe that both of them would have found the humor in your story. It goes without saying that no reasonable person would take rape lightly. However your story was presented in such a manner that I doubt that anyone was offended. I am new to this site and enjoy your stories. Please do not stop posting your wonderful stories. Thanks for the grins, Jim Brodie.
I agree..your stories are funny and entertaining. My girlfriend and I understood that you were being humorous...and we were not offended in the least...the politically correct approach usually isn't funny, more often than not it is BORING...anyway you have two votes for keeping your stories as they are.


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I didn't find it offensive either. Great story, as always. keep 'em coming. I always enjoy a good laugh! :THUMBSUP YT


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hahaha Bob I just wonder where you come up with the names like "catfish" and "elephant" ahahahahahahaaaa



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I think your stories are great Bob, keep'em coming!
There seems to be a growing part of our society that can't, for whatever reason, separate fiction from reality.
These people are called PC, this is a serious disease, that refuses to see humor in anything, but rather looks long and hard for any "wrong" real or imagined. They would even re-write history and ban classic literature, like Mark Twain's, "Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer" for gosh sakes!! So what chance do you have?
I don't know if there will ever be a cure for this sad condition, but I hope so.