skagit river/woolley area

Looking for latest fishing report.I plan on fishing this area week of Sept. 24. Would appreciate info on preferred line types, flies and best fishing methods. Thanks/Chris

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, I don't have a current report, but when I was up that way on Labor Day weekend, it was white with glacial silt. I passed on fishing it, instead focusing on the saltwater, where fish were plentiful.

But really the Skagit is quite a big river for a fly fisher. I hope you are able to launch long casts for hours and to fish the waters near you rather than needing to feel good about reaching the far shore.

Many people that wade the river go further up, near or above Rockport, where the Sauk flows in. The Sauk is the major contributor of silt to the river, and the biggest tributary.

I am going to assume that you are going to target steelhead, and there are 2 main ways, if the air is warm you might try skating a steelhead dry fly, but in general the steelhead swing is the way to go. Cast anywhere from upstream slightly, to quartering downstream and fish a wet fly with the plan to present it sideways to the fish. typically, one will mend the line several times in the course of a drift. Strikes often happen in the downstream quarter of the drift, so don't retrieve too quickly.

Floating lines can be used, but steelheaders like a sinktip line to get down to the bottom of a reach, especially on a river the size of the Skagit. flies, well, steelhead flies in size 6 to 2 or even 2/0. Skunk, Comet, Burlap, Purple Peril are just the smallest tip of a giant iceberg.

Check out for more info from one of the masters at Skagit fly fishing.

Have fun, and good luck!


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