$ 12 Steelhead Fly

Hal Eckert

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thrives at The Fly Shop, Redding, CA, got my annual catalog and there are two $12 prawn type flys again this year. You can see them on their web site also.

May have to get them just to say I have them, god knows none of my steelhead flys are worth that much, and if they were, they would never see the water.

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Jerry Daschofsky

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I do believe they are tied with some expensive feathers (Fred can spread some light on this I believe). I know I've been tempted myself to buy one just to say the same thing. LOL.

Hal Eckert

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Freds probably their main customer along with all of those other CA wealthy retired folks in the Rogue valley. iagree :beer2:

I need to meet some fellows that fish these flys with those expensive feathers in it to see if it makes any difference at all in overall results, some how I doubt it. :) ;)



Jon Williams

Just curious...if you fish with these expensive flies, are you gauranteed to catch big, steelhead with DD implants, cologen injected lips and attitudes??

I'm just asking!!! After all, it IS California!!


Willie Bodger

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You know, looking at the recipe, it really doesn't look like the feathers are that expensive aside from the Super Spey. Actually, can't figure out why that prawn is $12.. Charging for R&D time? Oh, and what is Mirage? The recipe called for two strands of Mirage...


been lurking for a while.....
This thread was beat to death last year on another board But as I have discussed this with PAul Miler I will chime in...

He ties these flies....not someone in ghana or china or thailand or anywhere else in our world that most of the tying is outsourced to...

What is your time worth?

I for one cannot get my drain snaked or my car fixed for less than $60/hr

As stated he ties all of these flies....

Lets say for even #'s that the mark-up is 30 % (a ridiculosly low % but its theoretical) and that paul recieves a round 9$ a fly from the shop.

I am a professional tyer and I have tied these flies...they are labor intensive and I @ best can do 1 in 20 minutes/3 in an hr=$27

Subtract materials cost and what is he making?

He is not doing this for the $

If you think ther are too expensive dont buy them however we should all try to stay away from relating an expensive fishing fly with tyer's character

What does a sage rod cost vs a TFO ?

or reels for that matter or a decent bottle of USA made wine?

IN this country we all want the best for cheap..... (however for quality products made in the USA one will pay top $ for LAbor)

just my 2 cents as PAul is an awful nice guy as well as a talented tyer and would not anyone drawing any conclusions as to his chracter from the $ THE FLY SHOP charges for his flies...

I for one charge a ridiculous price for the flies I sell to N.E. and other traveling anglers. I dont tie clousers or decievers or gotchas as I wouldn't even try to compete with those outsourced flies...

I charge for my time as well as for the best and most exotic materials $ can buy....There are many tiers who would shudder @ this but there are more anglers who do not tie and want the best flies to fish with for whatever their reasons are (I am not saying that my flies are the best but there are more to them and paul's and other more talented tyers than your standard commercially produced product so one cant reasonably expect to pay standard prices)

If you do not like it dont buy it, tie your own, fish your own and enjoy your life.

I always tell my customers that I think that their $ would be better spent on angling books , good materials or whatever but.....

If they want my flies tied by me they pay a premium.

This why I manage a restaurant for a real job to finance my family life and leave the tying to finance my fishing jones

All the best


Jon Williams

David...very well said. I agree with you 100%. If you want QUALITY you have to pay for it. If you want cheap....go get the 5 pack of flies at Wal-Mart for $9.99.

I personally tie my own (recently) because of this very reason. I laugh at people that bitch and moan about gas prices while they're standing in line for 15 to buy a $4.85 coffee. You wanna talk about profit margian???? 8 cents worth of coffee for $4.85....

Keep up the good work....

I just bought a couple and they are super cool, but not that hard to tie. i will tie up my own versions but I think they were worth the 12 bones. I think you just may get good karma for purchasing flies made my Paul, Hes a super guy.
Tight lines
Mark T Bove


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Ok , I was, then I wasn't, then I was gonna put something up--tonight I guess I had enough gin , or maybe it's the olives........


I haven't even looked at the fly in question. However.

There are some patterns I tye for others that I know cost me 12.00 before the hook is in the vise. Dyed and prepped peahen, old stashes of other certain materials not available anymore, two or three or four spey hackles of real spey hackle, add a $1-6.00 hook, custom dyed bronze mallard , ditto seal, toucan, parrot,, redwing. jeez. Shipping costs for materials from really wierd zipcodes to say the least.
Yeah, some of these flies cost $$$ just in material. I think it is worth it though. Will yarn on a hook catch steelhead? yes. So will a 9 buck flyrod and a danielson reel. Hey? The new 9Buck Chuck fly outfit!!!!! But for me, and you all know me, that I will tye a full dress Highlander on my leader at any time , just because. If some will and want to pay for these flys- great!. Others not? --thats great too. It's why this is recreation, do so at your chosen level of happiness , not someone else's. These fly designers all put tons and tons of thought and work into these flys. If one is successful and sells it's because others have found it works. Eventually if it does not work, the pattern will become another "forgotten fly". Some merchants certainly offer flys that may be crude or discount facsimiles of proven winners for sure. My guess is, this fly and at the price mentioned- and I assure you, I will see them and may buy a few, has the materials and track record behind it. Would a reknowned shop such as The Flyshop purvey something not authentic? I would guess not .
I might buy a couple for the classic collection, not for fishing, cannot tell what kind of hackle is used, catalogue says "the absolute best hooks made, hard to find hackle" any body know ?

Speykid what do you think ?

:) :beer2:

The super spey hackle looks like dyed Peacock. Love that electric blue color. kind of looks like the same color as the neck feathers. I'll bet that there is a nice irridescence to it . I've used dyed peacock herl before but, you have to watch who did the dying. Some get the bath to hot and the quills get very brittle
Flyshop's retail price is $12.00 - which means, even if the pattern is not being tied offshore the tyer is probably making about $6.00 a copy.

I'm personally thrilled to see the $12.00 price tag - and if the tyer/designer is seeing the Lion's share of that, I'm doubly thrilled.