Idiot Savant
the skin would need to be tanned, first big hurdle.

then the skin needs to be held taut and cut the strips, but you need to hold it off any surface, otherwise you end up giving it a haircut at the edges...


Will Fish For Food
I can't answer the tanning question, but the cutting question is easy:

Stack a number of razor blades with spacers the width of the strips you want. Bolt them together and you have a tool that will give you a number of evenly sized strips.

Cut from the skin side.

You can sometimes find rabbit hides and Ben Franklin craft shops for ~$8.00.



Will Fish For Food
Josh Benjamin said:
How do you avoid cutting through the actual hair with that method?? or are you just being careful... :confused:
I don't think you can avoid cutting some hair. But you can use the spacers to give you a maximum depth of cut with the razor blades, so you're cutting mainly hide and not hair.

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