Belize, Ambergris Cay

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
So, the countdown has begun. In two weeks I head to Belize for 9 days of fishing. I believe I will be taking a 6, 8 and 9. Right now all I have is a floater for each with a couple of fast sink poly leaders. I can get a sinker of some sort for the 9 if I should, can't decide if it is needed. Anyway, I have one day with Mario Graniel, but the rest of the time will be on my own and I have a question. Should I take my stripping basket down there? I do fairly well with line management (w/o the basket) if I don't have to contend with salad, but having never been there I wonder about the need?
I have been down there 3 times. Personally I would only take the 9 wt and a reel capable of a fast retrieve. I has a lot of scenarios where hook up, 15seconds of run for 150 yards and then 10 minutes of reeling in. Even the small fish are really strong. Poppers are fun for baracudda.

Be ready for bitting black flies if you go into the mangrove areas. Also the hour before sunset is brutal for bugs.

Also there is a good place for chicken about two blocks north of the water taxi station. Also at the airport across the parking lot there is usally a family that makes food at home and then sells it. Very tasty!


Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
OK. Most people I have talked to say not to worry about the 6, so at least for this time I will leave it. Thanks. Now, what about lines. Is a floating line really all I need, or should I find some type of sinking line? And if so, what is a good complimentary line? Are there deep enough areas that I will want a full sinking line or is it really enough just to have the poly leaders? Or should I skip the poly leaders since they are not warm water specific?

If you are on a boat there are plenty of drop off areas that you can probe. If you are wading then an intermediate would be a good idea also.

Rio Outbound intermediate. I would consider some heavy mono 30#+ or some malon wire. You will break off and loose a lot of flies otherwise.


Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
DeanHosh said:
If you are on a boat there are plenty of drop off areas that you can probe. If you are wading then an intermediate would be a good idea also.

Rio Outbound intermediate. I would consider some heavy mono 30#+ or some malon wire. You will break off and loose a lot of flies otherwise.

Do you mean the wire as a bite tippet? I do ahve some Tyger wire that I was planning on taking down there, but wasn't thinking I would use it for bonefishing. Is that what you mean? I feel like I'm worrying about everything, but I don't want to screw up any part of my terminal tackle considerations and then be SOL once I get there...


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My dad left yesterday for Belize. I will get the report from him as soon as he returns next saturday. I'll see if there is anything he says "he wish he would have taken and would have made a difference"

Good luck there my man
i'd take all the rods, a 6 perfect for smaller schooling bones and as a backup if you break one of the others, you can catch them right off the beach in cay caulker. you won't need a stripping basket theres no current to deal with and buy some bonefish line for the 8 wt, it helps in the heat.
What resort are you staying at? I know of a few great flats north of San Pedro, that you will have ample chances at bonefish, and don't hold your breath, but you could see permit and jacks.

Definitely take the 6 wt. The bonefish in Belize are not very big. So a 6 wt is the perfect tool for the job. Don't worry though, what bones lack in size they make up for in quantity. Use the 8 wt for permit, and anything bigger for tarpon.

Also, small bonefish flies, with weed guards are what you need while wade fishing. From the boat, you'll need the ones with dumbbells. All of the guides there really like rubber legs.

Have fun, I'm jealous.

Joe M.

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I agree with bad example, the 6 with a good reel would be about perfect for the schooling bones. I was down there a couple of years ago, but came in from the Mexico side. The bones weren't that big and I wished that I had my 10' 6wt. Wear sun screen, the first day on the boat I got so burned,especially the backs of my knees and ears. Another thing if you haven't considered it, is that a good pair of flats boots might make a big difference in your comfort. In the mangroves sometimes the bottom is firm, other times you are post-holing and the thick mixture of mud, shell, and sand is pretty abrasive.

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
OK, so I'll get my 6 wt bonefish line spooled up. I am staying at Brianna's Beach House and I have the Simms Flats Sneakers. I've been tying up a decent number of unweighted and very lightly weighted flies as well as dumbbells and baitfish flies. Oh, and lots of crabbish patterns as well...


The flats right in town are mostly mud, meaning not that great for wading. Head north of the canal and then head down to the beach. As you head north on the beach it's all flats and some are nice grass that are good for wading. The palapa bar serves up a great 3 course breakfast. Cuervo with Beliken chaser followed up with spicy bloody mary for desert. Mmmmmmm......

Bring the 6 wt. and matching bonefish line. The bones are on the small side. If you decide to fish the lagoons on the west side of the island keep your eyes out for some big crocs.

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
salty spey said:
Willie, If you need some patterns for the crocs I've got some of those too, a bitch to cast, but very effective. :cool: Bill
Is that your famous Chihuahua pattern? :rofl:

OK, I'll bring the 6. I believe I have a day setup with Mario Graniel (still awaiting final confirmation), hoping to be able to target permit/tarpon (as well as bones) if I have already caught some bones by then. Intermediate sinking line a good idea (in addition to the bonefish lines that I already have) for my 9?
the flats on the north and south ends of Journey's End resort (well north of San Pedro... about 5 miles) produced many tailing bones, and consistent hook ups. Make sure to have unweighted flies with weed guards. The weed guards are very important.

Good luck.


Willie, I've fished with Mario a couple times and referred him to others. The first thing I'd do when I get to town is track him down at his house or the dock. He's pulled a no show a couple times and you don't need that happening down there.

He's a good guide but everytime I'd email or call him before heading to Belize it would take a couple weeks for him to get back to me. They live by "Belize time" down there. Never in a rush about anything. Just a bit of a heads up here. Make sure you track him down when you get to the island is my advice.