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A report.
I got back from Utah today. I went there with two friends on Thursday morning and we headed straight to Alta for some skiing, the weather was great, just above freezing and not a cloud in the sky. Skied Friday also and my legs just about gave out on me walking down some stairs later.
I Went to the lower Provo on Saturday and met up with my guide, what a great guy, high school principal and avid fly fisherman. He provided all the goodies, I think that's what they are supposed to do, but this is my first time hiring one. The last time I was in Utah I fished this river and got skunked, so I was determined to get one this time. We started out a one spot and moved to a better location almost right away, too much ice. The canyon was so cold my nads almost fell off. I was so glad I hired this guy to help me get into some fish because he taught me some tricks I have read about, but couldn't quite understand. About a half an hour in I landed my first brown, ever. Pretty exciting for me. At that point it was so cold I could have walked away satisfied. I should say the fish were pretty lethargic because of the temp. but I get some hits just didn't set the hook fast enough, I was feeling the weather too. Two more hours past and I missed some and it was too cold so we went back to the cars and got the heater going. To me...it doesn't matter, I got one and I learned his technique for catching them.... on other days, when it's not in single digits!
Lots of fun.
The picture is of the only fish, the guide says he was about 14" which I thought about 12", he was skinny.

mike doughty

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Blue said:
Lower Provo is my favorite. Does have some nice Browns. This was caught by the tunnel on a Red Copper John:
i generally avoid the provo just because all the damn people that flood it, especially in the summer. i have found bigger and better fish in other rivers within an hour of the provo and virtually no people.


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I agree Summer is a no, no. With all the fishermen plus the tubers, it is a nightmare. Got a lot of streams and rivers to keep us happy and all relatively close.
I fished the lower provo on sunday, saw only two ladies on a guided trip on the river. 15 minute drive and I caught 12-15 nice fish in about 2 1/2 hours or so. I also fished the Middle provo that day for an hour or so, saw 30 people and didn't have nearly as much fun.

The 's' river... Mike, I still need to go up there and fish that with you sometime.

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