Custom rods

I just started getting into building custom rods, and I thought you might want to check it out. Im working on my 3rd one right now and they are getting better and better everytime.
Do any of you guys build your own rods?
Good going there...must be a pain to fix that reel seat:)

If that is what you enjoy doing, keep at it and it is even more rewarding when you hook one with your own rod.
Space isn't an issue when it comes to making a rod. I made my first rods with components and a phone book. Held the rod blank and turned it by hand using the phone book to tension the thread (need more tension put the thread deeper into the book). I even hand turned the finish on my first couple of rods but quickly spent 10 bucks to get a battery powered rod turner. I still fish the very first rod I made about twenty-five years ago.


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Careful there. It is addicting. I've been doing it 35 years or so. Soon you may even want to hand plane bamboo splines and build those up from scratch.

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