American Tackle Company Matrix Blanks

I'm planning on building a medium to fast 9' 5 weight 2 piece and came across an ad for American Tackle Company matrix blanks. They look pretty cool. Any one here have any opinions or ever built/fished with one?
They look cheap. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're looking for, but I would personally want to put a little more money into a blank.

My idea is that if you're going to put a lot of work into a rod, then you should not waste your work on low quality blanks/components.
cool thanks man. :thumb: I guess I should probably mention that this will be my first build and there is a 90% chance that I will screw it up. :D This blank was in the price range that I wouldn't feel too bad about a failure but if I actually pull it off I'd like to be able to fish with it. Do you know of any semi decent blanks in that price range? 50 bucks or so.

James Mello

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If that's what you're looking for (something usable, but won't wow you), then any of the RX6 series from Batsons or the Amtak Matrix will be just fine. If you get more experienced, both as a caster and rod builder, then looking at higher end will be something to consider. For what it's worth, I had an RX6 that was my go to nyphming rod until I broke it. The slower action was just what I needed for casting big weighted nymphs and indicators.
Sounds like a good blank to use for a first rod. Cheap is the way to go for a first rod, since you're pretty much looking for the experience. I think I might go with the just rainshadow becuase I've had a good experience with them in general (I don't know if it costs more though), But it's your choice. Good luck with that rod!
Looks like there is a rainshadow blank that is pretty close. I think I'll go with the rainshadow because I think the Local FF shop sells that brand. Maybe they have one in stock. I'll have to do some research to find the model number. Thanks again for all the help guys!

Rainshadow RX7 Fly Rod Blank
Length 9'
Sec 2
Line 5
Tip 64th 4.5
Butt DIA .365
Blank WT 1.65
Blank Price $49.

American Tackle Company Matrix Fly Rod Blank AMF905
Length 9'
Sec 2
Line 5
Tip 64th 4.5
Butt DIA .382
Blank WT 1.8
Blank Price $48.99

Willie Bodger

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I built a 9' 4 wt rod with that blank. And I believe Fetha Styx uses that rod for their Power Matrix rods. I really like that way it casts. I've got Sage Wisnton and Orvis rods, but I really like this one and for like $40 it is sweet. Now, the biggest thing I've gotten on it is a 20" 'bow, but it handles them great. I, for one, would suggest using that for your first rod. They are a pretty blank, they aren't expensive and they fish well (at least my 4 wt does, not sure about the heavier rods).

Nice! My main use for this would be throwing drys at src's in the fall. do you think it would be cool to use one to throw something like, say a, size 10 -12 stimulator or EHC?

Man this is going to be fun :cool: I can't wait to get this project started! I found a rotissire(sp?) motor in my garage new in the box from a Costco special gas grill that rusted out years ago. I'm going to start on a rod wrapper and mount the motor on it for drying.

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
I use mine to toss everything from size 14 dries and chironomids up to some size 4 heavy eyed sculpins, so, yes, I think it would do fine with those.

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