Custom Matte Rod vs. Glossy Production Rod?

I'm new to rod building as I just finished my first rod today which is a Dan Craft blank. I'm really happy with how it turned out but where my question lies is am I suppose to apply finish to the entire rod or just the thread wraps? I applied only to the thread wraps but in comparing it to my sage XP I noticed how glossy black the XP was compared to the Five Rivers Blank. Any help here would be great?


AKA: Gregory Mine
Just the wraps. Blanks are all different colors and finishes that the manufacturer decides on. Coating them all the way would slow it down, on top of creating a whole lot of excess weight. Plus a whole lot of other things

You did it right, just the wraps...

Welcome to a disease maybe you never knew was out there. You will never look at a factory rod the same...


James Mello

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The finish of a blank is a cosmetic consideration that is solely yours to make. You did the right thing by only applying the finish to the wraps. In general Dan has a matte finish rather than a gloss one for reasons that are all his own :)
Thanks alot guys! Common Sense told me that covering the whole thing didnt make sense but sometimes its easy to second guess yourself. I really enjoyed the process and learned alot. The one problem is I'm ready to do another one:). I'm thinking of making my brother a rod...hmm....which one..

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