Port Orchard Area Cutts

Hi! It's me with another question. *flyteen is saltwater dummy* I was wondering if anyone has fished for cutts downtown Port Orchard right accross from this grill? I don' remember the name, anyway, I was fishing for silvers there last year (no luck, saw fish jumping though) and i was stripping in my fly, when a nice 16"ish cutthroat jumped about 2 1/2 ft in front of my feet in about 2 feet of water. Does anyone know if that's a good spot? Or if there is another spot around the port orchard area? Thanks!


the beaches around watermen pier are as ideal as you can get for cutthroat. i like bulkheads and rocks for some reason i have caught my biggest cutts in that situation. dont bother fishing there at blackjack to crowded and all metal heads. try curley creek its on the way to harper dock there a pull off across the street from the old bayside grocery store walk the trail under the bridge and your there. it should be really good about now for coho and cutts with a stray steelhead if your a lucky one. keep in touch your the only other fly flicker i have talked to from port orchard thats where im from. all metal heads and those bobber and herring guys. southworth ferry terminal is one of the elite spots around all metal heads but small crowds lots of room to fish with lots of action. good luck Ben;-)
Thanks for the info! Maybe sometime we could get together or something. I've never fished for cutts before.
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