Swap BWO time


Well,,, lets just hope the fish like em as much'). The thorax/wing case are totally experimental. Fish em deep

mike doughty

Honorary Member
just got back in town. i got yuhinas and calvin 1's. i got a package from DDS but the envelope was opened and there were no flies but the money was there. i will have to go to the post office tommorrow and see if they found anything

mike doughty

Honorary Member
I just got gotchasr and marty's flies today. you 2 tie a mean fly. we are now just waiting on luckybalboas and then that will be it. DDS had to bail cause he sent his flies but the packaged was ripped open when i got it so the flies were gone and he didn't have time to tie up another set so everyone will be getting some of thiers back. as soon as i get luckys i will send them out

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