9 inches and bigger...


been lurking for a while.....
what momma wants (bass that is)

Some larger imitations (largest about 15 inches) for the adult herring, shad and bunker found in my local waters.....cant wait to come tight to a 30 lber this season swinging with the twohander...

hope y'all like


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Be very, very careful with those flies; the stripers will be jumping into the boat to attack them in your fly boxes!! A minor comment, they do seem a bit on the slender side (except the 2nd pattern) for juvenile menhaden, etc.; I remember all those forage fishes to have much deeper silvery sides (except the the dark spot on the (shoulder"). On the other hand, they are probably a lot easier to cast and will still be killer flies.

One question, what feather did you use for the eyes in several of those excellent baitfish immitations. I recognize the jungle cock eyes, but not the other options.

Hey David great flies. Ever tie those flatwing style flies on tubes? Just wondering if a longer trailer hook just gets fouled in the feathers? Hey did you get my email. Get ahold of me so we can talk about some stuff when you dont have a handful of bobbins and feathers. Kevin
Ever try yak hair? It's my favorite for large flies.

Nice to see someone else tying larger flies. I tie alot of pike flies, and I tie them big. My largest is a tandem 4/0 x 3/0 fly that goes 16".

You cast those with a 10 wt? I try to keep mine castable with a 10, because I think beyond a 10 you're no longer in a "casting" rod, and are into a "fighting" rod, only meant to be cast a couple of times a day at a tarpon or billfish. I like to be able to cast all day long and not have the rod or the fly kill me.



been lurking for a while.....

CAbe--The Eye is Grey Peacock Pheasant which is backed by scotch tape and coated with flexament (helps to keep the feather fibres from shrinking/matting )

Re -the size, in the water these fly can really open up and breathe well
Viewed from underneath angle (typicall predator view) the have the alllusion of a real wide bodied fish...(tey do as you said look a bit slender when viewed from the side as comapared to herring/bunker)

Kodiak salmon-I love yak too (actually have a big order to bang out usingthat material blended with angelhair/mega mushy as well some saddles/natral materials--Ill post the progress--

Re 10 weight etc.---I opt to use a 6-9 weight 2 hander 11-14 feet depending on location--typically I am using 400-600 grains using both hands and I fish all day....a 12 lb bass in current bending a 14 ft #9 spey rod feels awwesome!! CAnt wait for some mommas!!

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