Pass Lake

I'm thinking about fishing Pass Lake this weekend, I've never fished it before and wondered if anyone could offer any advice, tips etc. I read one recent report in the forum but which methods and fly's work this time of year?

I fished it earlier this year, lots of monster dark green chironomids. Tie some up to 1 inch long, yes, I said one inch long! Find the depth of the bottom and fish them upwards with a slow retrieve. Also, the browns attack the local minnows (not sure the name of the fish) in the shallows of the shorline at can hear them splashin! Maybe get some baitfish patterns, 1" long, silvery...

It is a tough lake to fish though.
Fred - I used to live in that area. Never fly-fished before until I moved there and saw the float-tubes. Some big fish in there. I used to use a black-leech pattern. I've been meaning to get up there and hit the lake. Tell us how you do.
Hey, I was there yesterday. The fish were very active. I was quite fortunate to land a 23" bow. I still can't believe it. I was simply trolling near the bottom in my float tube experimenting with different stroke techniques. It seemed like any olive-colored worm imitation was working. I also saw a couple of guys hooking quite a few just below the surface.:jj


This time last year was really hot, for Pass Lake anyway. The local minnow population had exploded and the trout were taking full advantage. Big fish could be seen working the shoreline. You could not actually see the trout just their handy work. The minnows would explode up to the surface leaving the water trying to escape the trout who worked the shoreline like miniature orcas. The object was to throw a streamer toward the shore and quickly strip it in as soon as it hit the water.
I haven't been up there lately but hopefully things are looking like that this year. Toss anything with a dark sillouette against the shoreline and see what happens. Keep in mind that things may take time to "happen" at Pass so exercise some patience as well as your casting arm.