Gallery steelhead pics????

Never caught a pacific sail, but have landed plenty of sails, bonefish, tarpon, tuna, etc. when I was guiding/fishing in Key West... and yes that is an amazing fish you caught!:thumb:

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I understand where you are coming from. However, I had over 100 pictures from that weekend on my camera, but only chose to post three.

Also, last weekend was the first time I had been fishing since Thanksgiving.

I am also over 2000 miles away from my parents and sisters, and pictures are the only way I can really show them what I do out west.


cuponoodle breakfast said:
The problem is not holding a fish up for a few seconds. The problem is idiots kicking fish up the beach, letting them flop for 5 minutes while they find the camera, drop the fish while taking pictures, then tossing it back at the water.
I saw this happen today, My friend netted an oldtimers fish, and the oldtimer went up the bank and told my friend to bring the fish up there, so he told him it was a native and told him not to bring it up, so the oldtimer took the net and kept the fish out of the water for over a minute to take numerous photos :mad: :mad:
Myself, Zen, Mike, Jay, and Poppy all were bullshitting in his shop yesturday. Poppy said something profound. "Do what you like. I like Bamboo and dry lines. You like nymphing. He likes Big rods. Its all good." Listen to the old guy. Oh yes Andy I want some fish porn ASAP...
There is a lot of diversity in flyfishing itself, most people here fish mainly for salmon/steelhead this time of year, I never steelhead because I have no motivation whatsoever to do so. I like to fish ungodly baitfish patterns wheremost fish small dries and nymphs. So in turn I want to see big browns and bows with junk hanging out of their lip. Often when I am in montana guides ask me how the steelheading is going, and I say "I know some people who have been catching a some." I dont particularily care about who catches steelhead and who doesnt, because I do care about the fish and when somebody posts a pic of a beautiful nate that is chrome bright, it almost brings a tear. To me, fish like that are examples of the power and beauty of nature, and when you live in seattle there isnt much of that around so I enjoy seeing that as a reminder to who really rules this world in the first okace. But the hatchery fish were at one point handled or almost handled by humans beings, and judgeing by the success they have in going out to the salt and back, and how they r generally smaller and ugliers than mother natures original, it is just another example of people trying to take nature out of the picture and make it their own. I will not ever stop wanting to look at big browns, in fact, I have pics that I look at frequently on this site of bi ones from the very river I love to fish, the madison, and they keep my fishing motor idleing when there is no reason to put her in gear because there is nowhere for me to go. Unless of course I can go to montana...


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folks simply need to follow the WA handling law when photographing their fish. it would also help if everyone followed the link to the article regarding mortality with fish out of water. as little as 60 seconds is enough to cause gill filament damage that is permanent. and that 60 seconds does not factor in the stress of the fish from trying to escape YOU and ME. be and army of one and obey the law.

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I should probably point out that these fish were taken in Idaho, so the law does not apply. Also they are 100% of hatchery origin. Say what you must to make you feel better, I'm going fishin'.

Zen <-----is getting pretty tired of this part of the forum.
Zen Piscator said:
Zen <-----is getting pretty tired of this part of the forum.
I feel that but hey it goes with being a celeb, people pick at you for everything and could always shave your head like Britney as a cry for help and maybe these guys will leave you alone.

I am only teasing though. Looks like you had a great time on the Clearwater! :)
Zen's dating Britney? Get the Shocker out!

Gents and ladies, while I have never fished with Zen, I have watched him "fish" from my computer for going on 4 years now, and I from what I have seen, he has as good a fishing ethic as anyone. Let's be honest, the intent of the law is to minimize time out of water for the fish and decrease fish mortality. Nothing makes me thing that Zen does anything but practice this in all his fishing. Like I said, I don't know Zen personally, but I am seriously thinking of booking a SH trip with him next fall. I wouldn't consider it if he hadn't earned the consideration. Nobody is perfect - glass houses - upstream dry fly only - blah blah -

I don't know why I decided to chime in on this, but as a long, long time lurker, I don't like to see shit thrown at people who make this site worth reading every day or so.

Go fishing man (I wish I could) and I hope I can scrape the $$ together to book you this fall. Oh, and would you put pen to paper and write another story or article?

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