celebrities who fly fish

Bill Dodd

Bill's in a time out.
Dana Carvey, buddy of mine saw him on rock creek, where i believe his dad owns rock creek mercantile.
Mike Sweeney of the KC Royals
Jamie Moyer
If you listne to any primus or les claypools flying frog brigade he actually has several songs about fishing.
Joe you crack me up..lol..
Bud Carvey is a good friend of the owners of the merc, Doug and Carolyn Persico.
I have met Dana's Dad and Mother both when staying at the Mercantile and promised them to go see his next movie..lol..And I did..
The Carvey's lived in Missoula untill they moved to Southern Calif many years ago..
And I'm sure your friend did see Dana on the Creek as they go there often from what I hear..
It was good to see you on the River Saturday..

Bill Dodd.
George Bush (Both) and Dick Cheney, but who gives a flying $%^*!
Apparently all these "sportsmen for Bush" do. And I assume the sticker means Sportsmen for Bush and not sportmen for whoo hooo

Just so everyone know bush appointed a timber lawyer who came up with the idea of counting hatchery fish along with wild fish to the noaa. Who needs the endangered species act when we have zoos. Oops, sorry for offending the Sportsmen for whoo hooo.
I once heard that John Travolta fly fishes, and owns a big piece of property near Santa Barbara that has a creek with a steelhead run.

Santa barbara, nay southern california streams stealhead runs are very sporadic, and very very illegal to fish in. I heard a creek by 126 has a some stealhead, world famous saltwater guide gary bulla lives on it.

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