"Beverly Banditos"; beware

As we approach the March 1 opener of some eastside lakes, it is time to remind everyone of the ongoing thieft problem in the Lenice/Nunally chain. To leave gear unattended is to risk having it stolen.

One solution is to fish in a large group and draw straws to determine who will stay behind to be camp guard. The shifts can alternate every several hours so everyone can fish without fear of thievery.

Forwarned is forearmed!

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SuperDave- Great reminder!!

It seemed to me last year it was less of a problem or people did not report it enough.

Anyways a great reminder..I can also think of a few more lakes that you need to keep you ride in check.


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Ode to the Lenice Chain of Lakes
Towering ridge to the south
rolling hills north.
Tumbleweeds, sage and Russian Olive.
Frogs Chirping in the roadside ditches
snakes to scare off the credit snitches.
Blue skies, sunsets and campfires
little piles of window glass and slashed tires.
Good stuff.
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I did NOT mean to imply that the "banditos" are of Mexican decent; thievery and vandalism at Lenice is NOT confinded to any particular group.

Two years ago we watched two Caucasian kids cut the fence at the Lenice parking lot and drive into the lake and fish with bait. Having a cell ohone enabled me to convey their descriptions to a WDFW enforcement officer who a least had the fence repaied (eventually).

If it would do any good, I'd post the contact phone numbers for WDFW and the State Patrol who work TOGETHER on enforcement incidents.

I was fishing my favorite little pond last year and when I arrived there was a family fishing from the bank. I spoke with the dad about the fishing. This is a selective gear fishery. I mentioned to him that I've seen the WDFW officer several times this year so far. As I pushed off in my toon, I noticed the son was fishing with a bobber. However, my words must have meant somethign to the dad because they left within a couple minutes of being there. More frequent patrols and the threat of them often will keep the illegal fishers at bay..... Maybe some new signs in the parking lot?



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Wayne in a case like that, I respect how you react to those folks. In all honesty that father was probably unaware of the rules (I know ignorance is no excuse). Maybe you should have redirected him to a higher quality bait fishing lake... such as Lake Roosevelt :rofl:
I believe that there is an underlying assumption that if an illegal activity is observed, it must be OK to follow suit. Illegal fishing begats even more illegal fishing UNLESS someone speaks up; not in a confrontational way but forceful enough to advise the offender that he is violating the rules. To ignore a violation is to condone it's continuance. Barring that, AT LEAST advise WDFW of the relevant details and, althought they won't write a ticket based on second-hand information, they can be mindful of the problem.