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Where do you guys get your cork rings? I have build 3 rods now using pre made grips, and I think its time to move up to cork rings. Im building a Dan Craft 10' 5wt 4pc rod, and I would like to add some life to my grip. Where do I get all the cool color rings? Im looking for a smoke grey color or even darker. Can some one point me in the right direction.
Two local sources for cork rings are Shoff's and Angler's Workshop. On the national scene, two suppliers who get mentioned frequently are:

Chesapeake Cork Products
8307 Alston Rd.
Towson, MD 21204

C & D Trading Inc.
1650 Fairway Drive
Columbia Heights Minnesota 55421

No financial interest - just trying to be helpful.

Making your own grips is fun, but you don't save any money. I checked a supplier's web site and found that 1/2" flor grade rings are $1.69 each. For a 7" grip, you need 14 rings @ $1.69 = $23.66. A 7" pre-made flor grade grip from the same supplier is $17.95. Go figure!


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The colored rings you asked about a burl cork, which is amde from pieces of cork and a binder. I have never seen them in grey. That certainly does not mean that they don't exist, just that I have not seen them. Usual price is about $1.00 per ring. They are heavier than natural rings. The really nice folks at All About The Fly do a lot of rod building and they are a site sponsor. If you give them a call, I am sure they would be most happy to assist you.


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Speir61 said:
I don't think the point of making your own grips out of rings is to save money, is it? Thanks for the info ill look in it.
You are correct sir! The cork rings that you can get are of higher quality, denser, so it's really about customizing your creation and making what you really want. AATF has some available and Ron can help out with ideas and techniques.



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Goldenwitch. Check out their web site. I'm not sure about the colored rings though.

The biggest reason I turn my own is that I can do so on the blank. Thus, each ring is solidly glued to the blank. With a preformed grip (or a handmade one done yourself on a mandrel), it's just harder to make sure you have a perfect fit.