where did you start fly fishing?

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Me too. :beer2: I had a good feeling there was another Esopus fly fisher here.

We had a cabin on Fox Hollow Road in Allaben, about a 1/4 mile up from the river. Sadly, it was sold by my Mom last year.
thats unfortunate... i spent most of my time around jewett and right around phoenicia.
have you been back lately? last i was there the river was not in very good shape.
WOW!! This is awsome. Many guys here MUCH older than me. Good to hear they are still fishing. I will be there someday.

Anyway, first fly fishing would be in one of the several Bellingham creeks when I was 7 and that would have been 1988......that seems like a long time ago hehehehe not to some of you though.


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I started seriously fly fishing in 2001 or somewhere around there when I was 16 and could actually drive myself to do some fishing. I remember getting fed up with fishing for trout with power bait and pulling up fish that were basically dead already making catch and release nearly impossible so I wanted to use a C&R friendly method. Beyond that I was already teaching myself to tie flies (with a bit of outside help too) so it only seemed natural to actually fish with them.

While I had dabbled in with flyfishing before this point in the Olympics a tiny bit and in Colorado once, the place where I really learned to fly fish was a local cutthroat pond about 5 minutes from my house. Starting at this spot really helped me develop my casting skills, because there was a good slope on my backcast, and lots of things that enjoyed stealing the flies that I worked so hard to make. Those first cutts on dry flies probably made me appreciate native salmonids as much as I do today. That little pond is still one of my favorite spots to fish and when ever the salt fails me or I need to give my 4 wt a good work out.

Ahh Phonicia, such great memories.

The last time I fished the Esopus was September 2000. No luck at the time but through the early '90s, when I lived on the East coast, I was still doing well. I recall catching a nice 16" rainbow by Mount Tremper...bigger than the typical 10"-12" catch.

I'm sorry to hear things are looking worse there, any particular reason?
it's been a couple years(4 i think) but when i was there, there was some kind of repairs or soemthing happening to one of the reservoirs that was dumping lots of dirt, silt, something down one of the spillways into the esopus and was causing problems. i can't remember the exact details, but i sent ny dad an e-mail to get the specifics. if i remember correctly there was lots of drama about it. may be cleared up by now, but i think the amount of silt ending up in the river due to whatever the project was, was the major issue. i'll post the answer i get from my father.


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mid '70's, Mokelumne River, CA on the first of many backpacking trips. I was armed with salmon eggs and a Zebco, while my friend and his brother successfully fished flies they had tied. The next summer I returned with my first fly rod, no skills and a copy of the Curtis Creek Manifesto. The positive reinforcement provided by pocket water and an Elk Hair caddis created a lifelong addiction.
Alaska. Well, maybe you could say the Green river in Wa because I took a fly fishing class in preparation for the Alaska trip and that's where the class graduation trip was. Didn't get a bite. But, I took the class because I decided to go on a 8 day float on the Alagnak in Alaska. It was a fly fishing trip so I had to learn. That's where I got broke in.


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Really caught the bug on my first big trip to the Elk River in Fernie

I totally sucked but still managed to catch a ton of those beautiful cutties, and have been hooked ever since


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2 summers ago ('05). My wife bought me a fly tying kit for the '04 holidays so I had something to do over the winter. Figured if I was going to tie flies I might as well learn how to fish them. Took a casting class in May '05, First fish on the fly was probably the Elwha in June.
Started on the Kalama in lates 70's early 80's don't remember for sure. Family place was/is on the upper river in the fly only area, so it was a necessity if I wanted to fish right at the cabin. Now if they could only get some decent numbers of summer run's up there again. Started with an old glass rod and a pflueger reel, used it for years and caught a lot of fish on it. Got to flys were about anything black with a bit of purple.
In the mid 70's at Nunnally lake and some bass ponds in Renton Wa, old fiberglass rod and not a clue. Mostly trolled the fly behind our jon boat with a green carey special at Nunnally and had great success. Jim
In the mid nineties my uncle decided to take me up to B.C. to fish where his uncle took him as a youngster. We went to the store and both of us geared up for fly fishing. I still have tons of flies I bought that I can't even imagine what they're supposed to imitate. Anyway fishing was pretty slow for the 2 newbie fly fisherman until we decided to try a hike in lake our resort had "boats" on. They were the same wooden boats that my uncle had used 20 years ago! In beteween bailing and enjoying show the loons were putting on (crazy as a loon), we both managed to catch dozens of wild, hard fighting, kamloops trout. We could barely get our lines out. I was hooked for life. To this day I don't think I've caught more fish in one day than that day up in B.C. (maybe 80?). I guess you never forget your first lol! ;)
The Pecos River in New Mexico back in the 60's. The best part was that my grandad had taught me to tie flies so, by the time I had enough of the mechanics down, the first trout I caught on a flyrod was on one of my own flies (Rio Grande King as I recall).