Saltwater Float Tubes

Hey folks,

I've seen a few posts that mention the use of float tubes for fishing off saltwater beaches. Can anyone describe the technique for this? Is there a danger of getting dragged out too far by strong tides?

Thanks for any insight



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Woolyworm - I haven't tried it yet but have been very tempted. My guess would be with inshore winds, an incoming tide and a buddy to call the Coast Guard. :) . Would be intresting to get some insight as there have been several times (lately at Golden Garden) that another 20 or 30 feet of reach would have put me in the middle of rolling fish. Bart
There is an IDIOT born every day! I've seen folks floating rivers in float tubes, crazy fools! A pontoon would be handy and much safer...they are cheap nowadays.
I've float-tubed it in the sound before. It wasn't so bad, but you can't just go out anywhere at anytime. I would only do it in protected bays and at times when the tides aren't moving very much. I would float tube in the sound a hundred times before I'd do the same in a river. Just be careful (and the buddy on shore is a good idea.)

While you're out there, drop a few crab pots. That way, after a day of C&R fishing you still have something good to eat to take home to the Mrs. so she doesn't ride you so much for fishing all the time!

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