Sacramento River

Went down to Northern California to fish the Sacramento River with some guides from The Fly Shop. Here's the two largest fish we caught. It was lot's of fun and will definitely be going back.

Jim Jones


Thanks guys. Yeah, frankly I went down there to connect with some old buddies from the Bay Area and I have to admit I was shocked at the quality of that fishery. My buddy had never thrown a fly before and he ended up catching three fish in the 20 inch range.

We had been catching some nice fish all day, but when I hooked that big fish and finally got a look at it my jaw must have hit the floor.

On a side note I was able to meet a number of the guys from the Northern California Fly Fishing board ( thanks to Jan (NewFlyLady). They were having their annual Rod Bash where they get together and learn about building rods, tying flies, eating some fantastic food and, of course, drinking. It was fun to connect with some new people.

Jim Jones
The Sacramento River is a hugely underestimated fishery. The temperature regulation system for releases from Keswick reservoir that they have put in place has done wonders for the river, as the photos you took prove.

I learned how to fish mainly on the the Upper and Lower Sac - they are very different rivers, but both great.

Here are a couple of my pics from the Lower Sac.
Good run the Sac, I used to live in the neighborhood. My favorite spot was the Eel, out of Garberville. I wonder what life is like along the eel these days??

I agree flyguy, I was amazed at the quality of the fish we caught. Not just the two big guys but a real healthy population of fish between 12" and 20". I would love to see more of the river someday including the stretch above the lake.

If you guys are interested I would check out the Northern California Fly Fishing Board ( and you can get information about NorCal streams including the Eel. They are a nice bunch of guys and gals.

Jim Jones
Hey Jim,

Glad you enjoyed the trip. The fish are great. Also, glad you got to the rod bash. It really is a great bunch of people. We have had a Montana mini-bash for the last 3 years with some of the group coming up to our place in Montana. Unfortunately this year we just didn't have time to make all of the plans because of my work schedule.
Thanks for your help and suggestion to post on the NCFFB board. It was fun meeting everyone and you were right Road Dog puts up a mean spread of food! They have invited me to their Bash up at Hat Creek, which I am not sure I can make but it was a nice gesture.

Jim Jones

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