OP Steelhead recommendations this weekend

Steelhead virgin heading over to the OP this weekend and looking for some sage advice.

Staying at Kalaloch and plan to fish the Hoh on Friday and Saturday. Camping on Thursday and wondering whether I'm better off camping near the Sol Duc and fishing that on Friday, or if I'm best off to head all the way out to the Hoh, Bogi or the Clearwater.

I'll be wading (no boat), and am wondering if anybody'd be so kind as to PM me with some good recommendations, or thoughts on -

*good stretches of river/holes to hit
*bugs to use
*other helpful advice

I'm still looking to land my fist steelie. Any help is more than appreciated.

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If you've checked the stream gages lately you'll have seen that just about every river in the state blew out of shape Saturday, and some are flooding. Having one of the major OP rivers in shape by Friday is a long shot. Your best bet may be to hit one of the smaller rivers that remain open in March, like the Hoko. I've never fished it, but it's smaller, and may drop and clear faster than many others. If the Hoh is fishable anywhere, it'll be up near the ONP boundary. Maybe try a couple of the pools inside the park if the road is open and passable. Same with the Sol Duc, it clears faster than the other rivers, and might be in shape up as high as you can get.

Bugs to use? Big and ugly. Steelhead don't much care about pattern; but they care a lot about presentation.

Good luck.


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watch the weather report.could be fishable by weekend.I did well last weekend .one landed above the canyon on the ho with indocator,and broke leader on the grab swingin and floating the lower sol duc.
I could point you to a couple runs or two...I was once a virgin, not so long ago. Looking forward to this weekend buddy.

I hope you pop your cherry...


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