Any Ling Cod guys out there?


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Jim -
good report on those razors. I have had some luck in find them during heavy rains but looking for little high spots where the sheets of water run around the spot rather than over the potential shows.

Here you about the slippery rocks but fortunately the season isn't a short one so you should be able to find a better day.

Tight lines

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
This morning's drizzle quit a while ago, and the day is shaping up to be good clam dig.
I got sidetracked this morning and didn't make it as it was drizzling at first.
I am hoping to have my boat ready by June or July at the latest. I was hoping it would be sooner, but I still have too much work and domestic crap to contend with, and I need a better trailer than the one that was under my "project boat" when I bought it. Then I can plan logistical assaults from the water, heading out to hit the bottom of the lowtide and fishing the incoming, when the wind is right. I'm talkin' bout just inside the Jetty entrance here, where you must plan accordingly in a smaller boat and be ready to bail when the conditions begin to deteriorate.
I've fished it from an 11' Livingston before, and a 14' Zodiac. The sunken jetty that extends beyond the visible tip is a great reef on calm wind days with little or no swell (rare...look for these conditions in August). Be very careful and observant out there, though, because sneaker waves can appear out of nowhere even when there is little swell.


What's the preferred eating size ling? I've heard the big one's are usually the females and should be released. But, if you were to just judge based on taste what would be an ideal size to keep?


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PT -
When I take a fish for the table I like to keep a fish in the 30 to 32 inch range.

The fastest growing fish are females as a result nearly all the fish over the 40 inch max. here in the sound are females. With a little partice one can sex the fish based on the shape of their vent - with the female's being rounder.

Don't know if you know much about the ling cod reproduction. They are late winter/early spring spawners (the reason the season doesn't open here until May 1) and the female lays an egg mass on rock ledges, etc and the smaller male guards the mass until they hatch. There are indications that larger males are more successful in performing that guard duty. I would love to see the minimum size limit in the Sound (currently a 26 to 40 slot) be raised to 28 inch. It would protect those males for an additional year. Such a rule could provide additional protection to the spawning population (with the increasing interest in this fishery that may be needed) but would also increase the CnR potential.

Tight lines
Curt just saw your post. good info. A couple of years ago they shortened the ling seasons in my area. The limit before the changes was 2 at 26. When they made the changes they also put the limit at 1 at 30 inches. Now that was fine with me. Ling cod are probably one of my favorite eating fishes. They left the limits at the 1 at 30 for a couple of years but now have gone BACK to 2 @ 26. There does seem to be more lings around now even though it doesnt seem like a two year restriction would meen much. I really wish they would have kept the limit at the 1@30 or even 1 @ 26. 2 just seems a bit much if you cant eat it all let it go and dont freeze it. There is no upper size limit which I think would also be good. I just wish they would look ahead to the future and do what was best NOW so we can have a future fishery in the years to come. It seems in California its more the right now with certain species instead of later. Instead of setting limits that will sustain a population they just all of a sudden one day go "WHOA sorry you cant fish for those anymore!" Just ask commercial salmon fishers about how they were treated last year and you will see what I mean. Anyway Was just going to look for this thread to recheck on some info and hey there it was! Got a 12wt. build kit on order, some big ol flies and some t14 ready to fly or should I say sink? I think your season opened up north anyone having any luck? Kevin


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I've had great success in Marine area 7 pulling lings in the 20-25# class. I've found that the faster you retrieve your fly the less opportunity there is for rockfish to get on it. So no Budweiser mid haul. Also, for anyone headed that way, surf shad seem to be the most choice offering.

Final suggestion for avoiding rockfish: catch one and leave it on your line...;) ;)

I'm heading up to Vancouver Island this weekend to bash something big for the freezer. Hopefully I'll have a chance to try everyone's suggestions.

If you are in Puget Sound where do you want to go for Ling? Water Depth and that kind of thing?
I hear the man made reef in Des Moines has some nice lings, any one here caught one there?
Thanks for all the great information on this thread. I'm heading out to the Strait on Friday and plan on fishing for lings and rockfish out of my sit-on-top kayak. I'll let you know how I do!