Clackacraft vs. Hyde...what to buy?

as a solution, you might consider just trading your boat in on a new glass boat, not sure what water you cover but if your being that rough on an alum boat, you might want to think about what that kind of use would do to a glass boat. i know hyde from time to time, gets clacks traded in, so maybe work it out with them and wait for one to come in.

some issues are legit to take to the manufacturer, other issues are more our fault then the manufacturer (not taking sides here) With my experience with Matt, I am very suprised to hear of any c/s problems, they are a family run business.

there is one manufacturer that i've been dying to see in real life:
that definately has some good ideas to consider.

Willy- get a galvanized trailer!

The only two boatsI have seen crashed or out of service were both hydes, and one of them was on the madison. It was a guide and two clients, the boats bottom had totally came out from the frame and gunnels... So I am about to buy and have already made payments on clacka headhunter skiff!
I ordered my 16' clack LP a couple weeks ago WITH a galvanized trailer. I drove my steel trailer down way too many MT dirt roads to see what that can do!

Dan - Interesting info on the crashed out boats. I saw ALOT of people using the headhunters on the Madison last year...pretty cool boat!


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It is boat dealership that now is a dealer for hyde boats. it is listed on the Hyde website as a hyde dealer. I haven't been there myself, but going to check it out in case I need something for my boat. I knew it was coming a long time ago talking to the family, however only mentioned it only once on a post a while back... I was told it was going to be a full service, sales office.
Willybethere said:
I ordered my 16' clack LP a couple weeks ago WITH a galvanized trailer. I drove my steel trailer down way too many MT dirt roads to see what that can do!

Dan - Interesting info on the crashed out boats. I saw ALOT of people using the headhunters on the Madison last year...pretty cool boat!
The headhunter has the same footprint in water as the 15lp, except is SO much more wind resistant. I know a couple guys who have been using them, they say it is clackas best rowing boat... You probably might have seen mike lawson on the madison, he uses a grey skiff. You wont believe the color I have put a deposit on, it so out of this world that depending on what I think when I go to Idaho Falls to pick it up, I might have to change... Peep this, bitches!


It was definetly not Mike I saw on the river. This guy was at least 6'7" and 20 years his younger. However I did see Mike's boat parked at the shop...just did not know it was "his" until now. If that is the color you chose....well, I hate to admit this but I kinda like it. Not sure I would have the [email protected] to order that color myself.


Buy the Clackacraft. I have owned two, my second for 22 years. It has served me well on the Deschutes, Grande Ronde, and other rivers. For my use, I have the high side model. Actually, mine is old enough (1985) that they didn't offer the fly-fishing model at the time. I haul two besides myself with gear, food, beer, etc. for a four-day trip down the Deschutes River in Oregon every year. We've smacked a few rocks and gone up over a few and the boat doesn't look much worse for the wear, save a few scratches. I consider them a badge of honor. It still looks classy on the water and I get compliments all the time. My neighbor bought the 2005 model and it is sweet as well. You cant miss with the Clacka!:thumb:


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Well, I've had a couple of beers, and I could get banned from the site but what the heck.

You guys rowing plastic, probably use latex, also.

The concept is to have a boat that is manouverable (sp) enough to steer clear and not run into rocks.

All of us have graphite rods, but that does not diminish the spirit of bamboo. Don't forget where is all came from. Having a tank that can bounce off of every obsticle is only for those lame enough not to learn the skills.

I am in so much drunken trouble!!!!!!

Going back to the posted question, who the bleep cares. Pick one, fish the bleep out of it and if you don't like that one pick the other.

Crashing is just that, and if your skill or boat can't handle it, then wade!!!!

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Plastic (I'm sorry, fiberglass) vs. aluminum. Simple decision in my mind. I’ve been on the sticks of the same aluminum boat for over twenty years. Good enough for me.

Best of luck with your decision.


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In my experience, Hydes and Clacks will both get the job done just fine. Make sure you sit in them to see how they fit (Clacks are measured down the center and Hydes are measured around the sheer - as is traditional with drift boats). If you're not married to the idea of a glass boat, you might check out Boulder Boatworks or Hog Island, both out of Colorado. I have not seen these boats in person yet, but they are an interesting concept. The one concern I would have with those (and it is also a concern with glass boats) is how stiff the hull is. You don't want the sides or bottom to flex when you are reefing on the oars. But again, I haven't seen them and can't verify this concern at all, so you'd want to do your homework (I just mention it from experience with kayaks). I like the concept and have heard positive comments for both.

If you have some funds available, Montana Boatbuilders are building the best drift boats on the planet, hands down.

Just my two cents. It's a fun decision to make - you won't be unhappy whichever way you go.


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If I had a Montana Boatbuilders drift boat, I'd keep it in my living room and be afraid to take it on the water. Those are beautiful.

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