North Carolina March 16th

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Watching the news last night I new that I would have to hit the water this morning. The forecast was for rain tapering off by afternoon. For the past three weeks we have been really needing rain. The river was running very low and clear and the trout were all but in a perpetual state of lock-jaw.
I woke up this morning and readied my gear and was out the door. When I got to the river it was running high and dirty. :thumb: It was streamer time baby! I made my way down to my favorite run and found that were the riffles had been is a white torrent of water. The long slick is now a soupy mixture of leaves caddis larva and disoriented baitfish...Oh and lots of hungry browns. I tied on a streamer and made a quick 45 across cast and started stripping. Half way through the drift I was shocked to find out that 3x fluorocarbon tippet is no match for a very and I mean very large browns teeth. I didn't even get to set the hook, the fish slammed the streamer from the head and bit the leader off. I stripped in my line and rigged up another streamer and this time I cut back the tapered leader a bit and stripped with a little more vengeance. Bamb! fish on! Landed this nice brown

After all was said and done I landed three browns in my favorite hole and had a strike on almost every other cast. The fish were just insane. After I finished my run I Headed back to the top and started back down through but for whatever reason the fish had turned off. The rain had stopped and bugs were a hatching. I picked up this dun at about 11:AM further down the river.

I worked my way down the river and landed several more browns and had at least as many short strikes.

By this time it is 2:pM and I was hungry so I headed back to the car for some lunch and a break.
After lunch the weather was overcast with occasional sun breaks and the river was dropping and clearing. I decided to switch to nymphing. I worked some pretty tasty water and managed to land two more. I landed one very nice brown that measured out at 17" and I couldn't believe it but he had a frog in his mouth. Even with a big ass frog in his mouth he was still eating size 20 midges. I wish I had thought to get a pic of the frog in his mouth but I did get a pic of him.

And here is yet another streamer brown to top off the day.