You fish, I row!

Chris Puma

hates waking up early
i'm trying to gain experience behind the sticks in hopes of getting my boat in the future. also, preparing myself for a some trips this summer. if anyone has a boat and needs someone to row for them (to get some fishing in), i'd be more than happy to row, pay for your shuttle, and some beer. all i ask is that you tell me when i'm doing something wrong. i've had a good instructor showing me how to get into the zone while avoiding obstacles. i think i managed pretty well.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I'd take you up on this except I don't have a boat and I live in Montana. This is all a little joke. I hope this doesn't ruffle your feathers.

You need a therapist Big Time. Never ever say those words: "You fish, I row" From now on you'll never have a rod in your hand again. Dangerous very dangerous those words.:D :rofl:


David Loy

Senior Moment
As a kid who grew up on the water (Puget Sound) and spent muchu time in assorted small craft, I've always been infatuated with smallish row boats. (There's more here than you care about but suffice it to say that I have large feelings for small boats! Remember what water rat said? He was right on!) I'll just say that I too like rowing as much as fishing. Nearly so at least. I have a nice piece of mahogony in the garage that begs to get out more. Love denied can get irrational.
I cant seem to find a good trolling speed for my boat and I need a rower, I can cure you of your rowing wants and needs after a day with me you will never want to row again are ya interested????

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